Maxaranguape City Hall – RN rectifies new Public Tender

Maxaranguape City Hall – RN rectifies new Public Tender
Maxaranguape City Hall – RN rectifies new Public Tender

The municipality aims to fill 252 vacancies; see the changes

In the state of Rio Grande do Norte, the Municipality of Maxaranguape announces the rectification of a new Public Tender. The municipality aims to fill 252 vacancies.

According to the document (rectification I) there were changes in the nationality requirement, in the workload of the Speech-Language Pathologist, Nutritionist and Psychologist positions, which is now 30 hours per week.

Check out the available opportunities below:

  • Lawyer (1); Endemic Community Agent (15); Community Health Agent – Dom Marcolino Dantas (4); Community Health Agent – Caraúbas (2); Community Health Agent – Barra de Maxaranguape / Nova Maxaranguape (3); Community Health Agent – Maracajaú (1); Contracting Agent (New Bidding Law) (1); Accounting Analyst (1); Planning Analyst (1); Financial Analyst (1); Budget Analyst (1); Architect (1); Social Worker (3); Internal Control Auditor (2); Pharmacy Assistant (7); Human Resources Assistant (2); Librarian (1); Biologist (1); School Pedagogical Coordinator (14); Technical Pedagogical Coordinator (4); Gravedigger (4); Caregiver (15); Physical Educator (2); Electrician (2); Environmental Engineer (1); Civil Engineer (1); Pharmacist (1); Environmental Inspector (1); Tax Inspector (2); Urban Inspector (1); Physiotherapist (3); Speech therapist (1); Nutritionist (5); Elementary Teacher I – Early Years (40); Early Childhood Teacher (30); Elementary Teacher II – Portuguese Language (9); Elementary Teacher II – Mathematics (9); Elementary Teacher II – Science (6); Elementary Teacher II – Geography (6); Elementary Teacher II – History (6); Elementary Teacher II – English Language (6); Elementary Teacher II – Physical Education (6); Elementary Teacher II – Religious Education (6); Elementary Teacher II – Arts (6); Psychologist (3); Psychopedagogue (1); Building Technician (1); Nursing Technician (7); Technician of Information and Communication Technologies (1); Agricultural Technician (1); Occupational Therapist (1); Tourismologist – Bilingual (1).

The workload of the professional who has been hired varies from 30 to 40 hours per week, according to the post postulated. The amount of the monthly remuneration will also vary from R$ 1,212.00 to R$ 2,884.23, according to the intended function.

To apply for the opportunities it is necessary to have the following requirements: to have Brazilian nationality; be in full enjoyment of political rights; to be even with electoral and military obligations when applicable; have the necessary education for the postulated position, among elementary, secondary, technical and higher levels.

Entries can only be made online, through the organizer’s website. The period available to apply will be from September 13, 2022 to October 5, 2022. The application fee varies from R$40.00 to R$80.00.

The selection of this Selection Process will take place as follows:

  • For higher-level positions: multiple-choice objective written test and title test;
  • For mid-level positions: multiple-choice objective written test;
  • For elementary-level positions: multiple-choice objective written test.

The objective tests of all positions are scheduled for November 13, 2022.

The Selection Process will be valid for two years, and may be extended for an equal period, counting from the approval of the final result.

The article is in Portuguese


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