Operation Peacock launched in Rio Grande do Sul results in the arrest of a man in Brusque on suspicion of involvement in the robbery of an armored car | Diplomat Radio FM 105.3

The Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul triggered, as a result of investigations carried out by the 1st Police Station for Repression of Robbery/DEIC/PCRS, within the scope of Operation Pavão, on the morning of September 22, 2022, another ostensible phase, which relates to the criminal investigation into the practice of the crime of theft of armored car, committed to the detriment of the company TB Forte Segurança e Transporte de Valores LTDA.

The action was carried out in the city of Brusque and has the support of the Air Operations Division, PCRS, as well as the Civil Police of Santa Catarina, through the Criminal Investigation Division – DIC de Brusque and Theft and Robbery Division – DFR from Brusque.

In summary: the location and arrest of a man, a fugitive from justice, was carried out in the city of Brusque/SC, due to the identification of a link between the fugitive until then with the immediate perpetrators of the armored car robbery, which took place in Guaíba- LOL. There is, to date, no indication that the individual arrested on today’s date took part in this fact, but there is an absolute doubt that evidence indicates his participation in the criminal faction of which they would also take part.

It was verified, therefore, the existence of a correlation between the prisoner and the aforementioned people and, even more, a reason for just concern and the adoption of depressive measures, considering that the aforementioned person associated himself with other people to commit crimes in the region. from Gravataí-RS, especially.

Due to the above, the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul, through the 1st DR-DEIC, had been making significant human and material efforts over the last few months to locate the target and capture it, a decisive measure for preventing crimes and, in addition to Furthermore, the individual is placed at the disposal of the Judiciary, so that he or she responds to criminal proceedings, in which he is prosecuted, as a prisoner.

It should also be noted that the individual arrested on the present date responds to criminal actions that deal with intentional crimes against life, which took place in different Counties of RS.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the prisoner has a history of committing crimes of robberies from banking establishments and extortion through kidnapping involving employees of banking institutions.


The 4 (four) criminals who directly committed the crime of theft of armored car are already arrested or dead.

Two of them were, on the day of the facts, by the Military Brigade, in an armed confrontation that took place on Ilha do Pavão, involving special operations teams from BOPE/BMRS.

Two others, following the investigations, were arrested and should be considered, in line with the criminal profile of the prisoner, on this date of 09/22/2022, as exponents of criminal actions of a patrimonial nature on gaucho soil and with interstate articulations, arrested on May 25, 2022 and 08/12/2022 in a new action by the Civil Police, through the 1st DR/DEIC, with air support from CORE/DOA/PCRS, against whom there was a preventive arrest warrant, for the theft in Guaíba, but also because they became fugitives in the process of executing the imposed sentences.

Another sensitive target, arrested in the context of the unfolding of Operation Pavão, appears as the person of a man whose background, police and criminal, allow him to affirm that he is intensely related to crimes of robberies from banking establishments, theft of a transport company of values ​​and others. crimes against property, facts practiced for decades. Also, according to information from intelligence agencies, it is worth noting that such an individual would have been one of the first to have a relationship with a transnational criminal organization. The individual in question was located in the city of Eldorado do SUL-RS.

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