EGR alerts users to services on 24 stretches of highways in Rio Grande do Sul

EGR alerts users to services on 24 stretches of highways in Rio Grande do Sul
EGR alerts users to services on 24 stretches of highways in Rio Grande do Sul

The Empresa Gaúcha de Rodovias (EGR) alerts users to the works carried out on 13 roads starting next week. Drivers should redouble their attention and follow traffic guidelines at specific points on road sections. In all, there will be 24 work fronts in different regions of Rio Grande do Sul.

Interventions include the construction of roundabouts, localized repairs, asphalt pavement maintenance, conservation, mowing, cleaning of banks, clearing ditches and culverts, and filling holes.

The movement of workers and machinery as a result of the works can cause lane blocks and, consequently, slow down or signaled retention of vehicles. Therefore, it is essential that drivers drive with caution, paying attention to the signs and speed limits indicated on the highways.

Highways, municipalities and services to be performed

– Roundabout construction works:

RSC-287, works at kilometer two, on the urban crossing of Montenegro

Traffic: The side lane, between Ramiro Barcelos and Cel Antônio Inácio streets, blocked, as well as João Pessoa street. Alternative: Rua Doutor Hugo Wolgemuth, between Rua João Pessoa and Rua Ramiro Barcelos (operating in two directions). Ernesto Zietlow Street will also have a two-way street next to the Bus Station, between Ramiro Barcelos and RSC-287 streets.

Access handle construction works:

ERS-122, works at kilometer 82, at the junction with RSC-453, in Caxias do Sul

Traffic: Take extra care along the roadside due to the movement of trucks carrying out earthworks to lay the floor.

Floor maintenance:

ERS-129, from kilometer 94 to 95, in Vespasiano Correa

RSC-453, at kilometer 94, in Garibaldi

ERS-235, at kilometer 10.5 and from 20 to 22, in Nova Petrópolis

ERS-020, from kilometer 84 to 86, in São Francisco de Paula

ERS-474, from kilometer 18 to 20, in Santo Antônio da Patrulha

ERS-122, from kilometers five to 13, between Portão and São Sebastião do Caí

ERS-135, at kilometer 68, in Erechim

localized repairs:

RSC-453, from kilometer zero to 15, between Venâncio Aires and Mato Leitão

ERS-122, at kilometers 91 and 96, in Flores da Cunha

Cleaning and clearing ditches and culverts:

ERS-130, at kilometer 80, in Arroio do Meio

Conservation, mowing and cleaning of margins:

ERS-129, from kilometer 91 to 104, between Vespasiano Corrêa and Encantado

RSC-453, from kilometer 55 to 70, between Teutonia and Westfalia

ERS-128, from kilometer 13 to 30, between Fazenda Vila Nova and Teutônia

ERS-239, from kilometer 26 to 37, between Sapiranga and Araricá

ERS-239, from kilometer 73 to 88, between Rolante and Riozinho

ERS-466, from kilometer zero to kilometer seven, in Canela

ERS-020, from kilometer 73 to 81, between Três Coroas and São Francisco de Paula

ERS-474, from kilometer 22 to 32, between Santo Antônio da Patrulha and Rolante

ERS-240, from kilometer zero to 13, between São Leopoldo and Portão

ERS-122, from kilometer zero to 38, between Portão and São Vendelino

ERS-040, from kilometer 11 to 40, in Viamão

ERS-122, from kilometer 111 to 128, in Antônio Prado

RS-135, from kilometer 33 to 39, in Sertão


ERS-135, along the entire length of the highway

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