Gabriel case: expertise points out that blood found in vehicles was not from a young man killed in RS | Rio Grande do Sul

Gabriel case: expertise points out that blood found in vehicles was not from a young man killed in RS | Rio Grande do Sul
Gabriel case: expertise points out that blood found in vehicles was not from a young man killed in RS | Rio Grande do Sul

An analysis carried out by the General Institute of Forensics of the state (IGP-RS) showed that the blood found in two vehicles of the Military Brigade (BM) that were in use on the night of the disappearance of Gabriel Marques Cavalheiro it’s not the young. He disappeared on August 12 and his body was found in a pond, in the interior of São Gabriel, on the West Frontier of Rio Grande do Sul, just a week later.

A resident called the police when he was trying to force the gate to his house. According to witnesses, Gabriel was handcuffed and beaten with a truncheon in the neck region by a police officer.

The three BM vehicles that were used by the police on the night of the disappearance underwent forensic examination. In two of them, human blood was found. However, in the investigation carried out by the IGP, it was found that he did not belong to Gabriel.

An investigation is still awaited on the cell phones of eight other São Gabriel police officers who were working on the night of the crime. Investigators want to know if they participated in the concealment of the body.

Another doubt is in the military police investigation. The GPS of the vehicle used in the approach shows that the vehicle stayed close to the weir where the body was found for about 1min40. This time, however, is considered insufficient to transport the body to the site.

Three police officers were indicted both in the military sphere and by the Civil Police.

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Gabriel case: death of young man after police approach completes a month in RS

In ordinary justice, the three police officers arrested in the case are defendants for triple-qualified homicide for futile reason, use of cruel means and use of a resource that made it impossible to defend the victim. In the Military Justice, they are defendants for concealment of corpses and ideological falsehood.

The defense of one of the PMs says he is innocent, while the lawyers of the other two speak of fatality and do not comment on the case so as not to harm the defensive theses.

The young man’s family launched a fundraising campaign to pay expenses. The crowdfunding, opened on a website this Monday (12), aims to bring together BRL 35 thousand.

According to lawyer Rejane Lopes, the money will be allocated to the costs of relatives health treatmentof boy’s funeral and of trips between Guaíba, a city in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre where the family lives, and São Gabriel, 319 km apart.

2 of 2 Image by Gabriel Marques Cavalheiro — Photo: Personal archive

Image of Gabriel Marques Cavalheiro — Photo: Personal archive

Gabriel disappeared on August 12, in São Gabriel, after being approached by three police officers on Avenida 7 de Setembro. A neighbor of the house where he was staying, which belongs to an uncle, called the police because, according to her, the young man was forcing the gate that leads to the patio in front of the property.

Gabriel’s body was located on August 19, a week after his disappearance. He was submerged in a pond in the locality. The officers involved were arrested the same day.

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