Spring begins with frost in the South

This Friday (23), the instabilities are moving away from the South Region, but the entry of cold air returns to bring down temperatures in the three states, especially between dawn and morning.

Photo: Micchel Legnaghi – São Joaquim – SC

The day starts cold and with frost in Rio Grande do Sul, reaching areas of Campanha Gaúcha, Bagé region, Quaraí, the central-north of the state, the mountain areas, Passo Fundo, Erechim and the northwest of the state. The phenomenon can also be registered in Santa Catarina, from the mountains to the midwest of the state. In Paraná, the southernmost areas of the state also start the day with frost and the occurrence in the Francisco Beltrão region cannot be ruled out.

Check below the minimum temperature map for the Region

Minimum temperature for this Friday, September 23 in the South Region

On Saturday (24), the frost condition in the Region decreased a little, becoming more restricted between the south of Paraná, the midwest of Santa Catarina and the north of Rio Grande do Sul, still including the region of Passo Fundo and the areas state mountain range.


Minimum temperature for Saturday, September 24 in the South Region


The chance of frost decreases as early as Sunday (25), but the dawn remains cold in much of the Region. The circulation of winds increases the humidity in the state of Paraná and Santa Catarina. The forecast is for more cloudiness and showers at various times of the day. In Rio Grande do Sul, good weather in the center and south of the state, but still with a lot of cloud variation on the coast. In the northern areas of the state, it starts to rain again between late afternoon and early evening.

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