Government does not transfer and payroll loans are suspended – 09/23/2022 – News

Government does not transfer and payroll loans are suspended – 09/23/2022 – News
Government does not transfer and payroll loans are suspended – 09/23/2022 – News

Payroll loans from state employees were suspended once again after delays in transfers by the State Government, even with the discount on paychecks. It is the second consecutive month that the problem has occurred, although it has occasionally occurred in the last two years. The problem, according to a note sent by the State Planning Department, this time would be in the cash flow due to the reduction in the collection of the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) for fuels, electricity and communications, approved by Congress through the Complementary Law 194. There is no deadline for regularizing the payment.


According to Seplan, the State Government is out of money, due to changes in ICMS

The complaints reached the Union of Public Service Workers of the Direct Administration of the State (Sinsp/RN) through employees who were unable to obtain a loan from the Bank. “We, from Sinsp, went to the bank to find out if state employees could carry out the payroll, and we were informed that, due to lack of transfer from the government, the payroll loan is still suspended. The current suspension has been in effect for more than 15 days, according to information from Banco do Brasil employees,” said union secretary Maria José Justino.

In this type of loan, the installments of the payroll loan are debited directly from the server’s payroll, instead of being deducted from your checking account. In another modality within the payroll, the credit card is offered, for which a percentage of the value on the payroll is deducted, a fixed part, in addition to extra installments of what was purchased with the card.

In theory, the discounted amount should go directly to the financial institution. When this doesn’t happen, workers go through troubles because they run the risk of getting their names negative when banks start charging what should already be paid.

“The servers are charged by the banking institutions, even with the installments having already been withdrawn from their salaries, at the risk of having their name inserted in the SPC and Serasa. The second consequence is the suspension for new loans to be made, making it impossible for state servants to receive credit”, said Maria José Justino.

In August, the money also stopped being sent on the right date and only at the end of the month did the Government announce that it was completing the second and final installment of the transfer to Banco do Brasil, informing that, in all, R$ 48 million were deposited in the account of the financial institution, of which R$ 22 million was transferred on the 31st, enabling the resumption of the feasibility of contracting loans on the part of the civil servants.

This time, the State Planning Department (Seplan/RN) does not set a date to regularize the situation and argues that there are difficulties in this regard since the ICMS rate on fuel, energy and communications was reduced. “Since ICMS was reduced by the new fuel policy, the Government has been trying to solve the cash flow problem. Last month, there was the same problem, but it was quickly resolved with Banco do Brasil. This month, a part has already been paid and we are negotiating to settle the rest as soon as possible,” the ministry said.

According to Seplan/RN, in the last three years the delays that occurred were rare and it claimed that it even made transfers not carried out by the past management. “We paid R$ 120 million in payroll-deductible debts from the other management”, said the Secretariat.

In August 2019, the Government released the operation by Banco do Brasil with a grace period of six months. The value of the installments must be within the assignable margin. Part of the loan is debited from the employee’s payroll.

Sinsp denounces that, since 2020, it has recorded delays in transfers, so that it leads to the suspension of the operation of servers with banks.

In November 2021, in addition to Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, another banking institution that carries out the operation, interrupted the payroll loan for state servants due to the same problem. There were three months behind schedule, according to the union. The situation was only rectified the following month.

“The union advises that all servers who receive payment for their payroll loans, keep the letter or print of the collection and contact the union, so that, together with our legal advice, we can take legal action. We have to make it clear that not passing on the installments of the employees’ payroll loans to the banks is a misappropriation, which characterizes fiscal pedaling by the state government “, warned the Secretary General of the union Maria José Justino.

Banco do Brasil should only repay the payroll after the payment is settled.

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