BRAZIL AID OF BRL 800 IN 2023? Understand Bolsonaro’s new promise for the 2022 ELECTIONS

BRAZIL AID OF BRL 800 IN 2023? Understand Bolsonaro’s new promise for the 2022 ELECTIONS
BRAZIL AID OF BRL 800 IN 2023? Understand Bolsonaro’s new promise for the 2022 ELECTIONS

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In June of this year, the Federal government announced the increase in monthly installment of Brazil aid, which became paid to beneficiaries under new resolution since August.

The initiative of increase in value of the portion of BRL 400 for BRL 600 was presented by the Bolsonaro government based on the declaration of the emergency state faced by low income families.

The payment of the installment BRL 600 for the Brazil Aid 2023 has been used by Jair Bolsonaro, current president, in his re-election campaign, even with suspension period and return of the installment of R$ 400 scheduled for december 2022.

In addition, the campaign has another long term promise: the addition of the additional value of BRL 200 to the share of BRL 600as doesn’t fit in the budget presented by the Government for the year 2023.


On the last Wednesday of August (31st), the Ministry of Economy presented the Annual Budget Bill that does not provide for maintenance of the payment of Brazil aid in monthly installments of BRL 600 short term, but a lower value.

The 2023 Budget proposes that the installment of the Aid Brazil 2023 whether in average value of BRL 405and not in the amount of R$ 600, contrary to what has been promoted in the election campaign of Bolsonaro.


The Budget is the document in which the Federal Government stipulates the total expenses throughout the year. In the submitted project, the current government states that, in 2023, it will seek to permanently increase the value of the portion of the Brazil aidbut does not inform proposal details.

Also present in the project is the statement that the Federal Government recognizes that the increase is a measure relevant to beneficiary families and, therefore, will seek budgetary and legal solutions to keep the value of BRL 600 in 2023.

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Last Sunday (28), in debate promoted by UOL in partnership with Band, Folha de São Paulo and TV Cultura, President Jair Bolsonaro said that the plot maintenance is being discussed by your team. It still says:

One of the priority commitments of the re-elected government will be to maintain the amount of R$ 600 for Auxílio Brasil as of January 2023.


After sending the new budget projectthe proposal will be evaluated by the Joint Committee on Plans, Public Budgets and Inspection, which will discuss project points and you can make changes through parliamentary amendments.

After that, the text will be evaluated by senators and deputies, who will be responsible for approving or rejecting the project. After the budget report by Senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI), once approved, the document will be forwarded to the sanction by President Jair Bolsonaro.


O installment value of Brazil aid in September will continue on BRL 600. following the official calendar of the Auxílio Brasil of September, the payments will start in 09/19 and will close on the day 09/30.

As provided in the standards from the programthe payment order of the installments must prioritize groups according to the Social Identification Number (NIS).


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