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Contaminated snacks: Tecnoclean partners give testimony – Gerais

Contaminated snacks: Tecnoclean partners give testimony – Gerais
Contaminated snacks: Tecnoclean partners give testimony – Gerais
Substance suspected of having caused the death of at least 50 dogs throughout Brazil (photo: Personal archive)

Partners and employees of Tecnoclean were heard this Thursday (22/9) at the Consumer Defense Office, in Belo Horizonte. The company accused of selling contaminated propylene glycol to the Bassar Pet Food – a maker of dog treats. The substance is suspected to have caused the death of at least 50 dogs throughout Brazil.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) analyzed batches AD5035C22 and AD4055C21 of the brand’s propylene glycol and detected contamination by monoethylene glycol, a substance considered extremely toxic.

asked by IN regarding the investigations at the police station this Thursday, the Civil Police said, in a statement, that “information from the ongoing investigation will be released at an opportune time, with the progress of the work and/or the conclusion of the Police Inquiry”.

However, “TV Globo” caught the company’s owners, the technical manager and three other employees at the police station this afternoon. According to the broadcaster, they were summoned to clarify their involvement in the commercialization of propylene glycol.

In a broadcast interview at the door of the police station, Tecnoclean’s lawyer, Thiago Rodrigo de Faria, said that he presented a report attesting to the 99% purity of the propylene glycol and denied any attempt at adulteration.

“The company acquires the product fully sealed. There is no interference from the company in altering the substance. The product passed to a third party. The company at no time interfered and unsealed the substance,” he said.

To State of Minesthe company’s commercial director, Fernando Teixeira, emphasized that Tecnoclean does not manufacture propylene glycol, and this substance has been purchased from A&D Qumica since December 2021.

“The product purchased by the So Paulo branch and sold to Bassar has a USP quality certificate. We are cooperating with the investigative bodies to ascertain the facts and shed light on the clarifications”, he pointed out.

Brands withdraw products from the market

Bassar was the first to be notified by the National Consumer Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (Senacon) to present the recall. Products with a manufacturing date of February 7 have been recalled since September 9, according to the company.

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