With the arrival of a cold front, see how the weather is on the weekend in ES


After warning of weather impacts due to the arrival of a cold front in Espírito Santo, the institute predicts an increase in temperatures and sun on Sunday (25)


Posted on 9/23/2022 at 6:51 am

Mestre Álvaro covered in closed weather in Vitória. Credit: Carlos Alberto Silva

The cold front expected to hit Espírito Santo arrived and Friday (23) started with cloudy weather in some locations in Espírito Santo, including Greater Vitória. The forecast by the Capixaba Institute for Research, Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (Incaper) shows that the instability should continue until Saturday (24).

The weather will remain closed across the state this friday (23) due to the passage of the cold front. The daytime temperature drops in the South, Serrana and Grande Vitória regions, and light and rapid rain is expected at certain times of the day. In the North and Northwest regions, rain is less frequent. The wind continues to accelerate along the coast, from moderate to strong intensity.

At the Saturday (24), the sun appears between many clouds across the state and temperatures continue to decline. Rain is expected only in the North and Northeast regions, weakly and at certain times of the day.

O Sunday (25) will have a little more sun throughout the day, causing the daytime temperature to increase. There is no expectation of rain.

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