National Ice Cream Day: discover frozen delights from the Cerrado and find out where to celebrate the date in DF | Federal District

National Ice Cream Day: discover frozen delights from the Cerrado and find out where to celebrate the date in DF | Federal District
National Ice Cream Day: discover frozen delights from the Cerrado and find out where to celebrate the date in DF | Federal District
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The date was created by the Brazilian Association of Industries and the Ice Cream Sector (ABIS), taking into account “the Brazilian love for dessert”. According to ABIS, there are more than 10 thousand companies linked to the production and trade of dessert throughout the country and more than 100 thousand direct jobs generated.

The Midwest region accounts for 9% of ice cream consumption across the country and, in the Federal District, artisanal ice cream shops invest in Cerrado flavors. How about trying an ice cream made from cagaita, cajuzinho from the Cerrado, or from the Ipê Amarelo flower?

In this national ice cream dayO g1 brings tips for places to celebrate the date, with a new flavor, or even savoring the more traditional ones.

2 of 6 Cagaita Ice Cream — Photo: Nata do Cerrado/Disclosure

Cagaita ice cream — Photo: Nata do Cerrado/Disclosure

O Cerrado cream is a family ice cream shop run by women, from production to marketing, which values ​​local production. Raquel Nóbrega, one of the micro-entrepreneurs in the business, says that the ice creams are produced by hand and that the raw material is sourced from family farming.

“Especially those that supply fruits from the Cerrado”, says Raquel.

In addition to local products, Raquel says that “the production is always willing to test new recipes, with suggestions from customers, so the house menu is daily, even on account of its artisanal production”.

celebrating the first ice cream day as a store, this Friday, any flavor has 20% off.

  • Cerrado cream
  • Address: SHIN Section 3 – Green Pole – North Lake

Ipê flower ice cream

3 of 6 Sorbê cheese ice cream with guava paste — Photo: Sorbê/Instagram reproduction

Cheese ice cream with Guava da Sorbê — Photo: Sorbê/Instagram reproduction

With 15 years of existence, the sorbé values ​​Brazilian fruits, flowers and spices, says the ice cream shop’s chef, Anita de Medeiros. The production is also artisanal, and the tip to honor the Cerrado and the National Ice Cream Day is to try what is made with Ipê flowers.

“Because of the delicacy of the petals, they are only made during the period when the tree blooms in the capital”, says Anita.

But every week, new flavors are created. Among the most requested, strawberry and cumaru, yellow ipê flower with passion fruit, cajá, Brazil nuts with cupuaçu and tapioca jelly, among others.

This Friday, exclusive flavors inspired by spring are on the menu, in addition to 30% off for those who buy the single ball.

  • sorbé
  • Address: CLN 405, block B, North Wing

4 of 6 Sorvete ao Quadrado flavor options — Photo: Sorvete ao Quadrado/Instagram reproduction

Sorvete ao Quadrado flavor options — Photo: Sorvete ao Quadrado/Instagram reproduction

O Squared ice cream also has artisanal production and values ​​raw materials, as well as pure ingredients. “Everything is made from scratch”, says André Anjos, who says that the “unusual combinations” are the brand of the ice cream shop.

“Of course, there’s no escaping a classic or another, but the main flavors, which are the hallmark of Sorvete ao Quadrado, are unusual combinations or combinations that had not been thought of in the form of ice cream, as is the case of oven-baked cocada , green apple pie, passion fruit, coconut and basil, cajuzinho from cerrado and orange, lemon, blueberry and cream cheese, among many others.”

This Friday, whoever buys a pot of ice cream, takes the second with 50% discount.

  • Squared ice cream
  • Address: CLN 102, block D, stores 64/74 – Superquadra Norte

Where else to celebrate Ice Cream Day in the Federal District

When buying a main dish, customers are presented with a scoop of ice cream, during the entire opening hours of the houses (Asa Sul and Terraço Shopping).

  • Time: from 11:30 am to 10 pm
  • Address 1: CLS 202, Block B, store 34, South Wing
  • address 2: Terrace Shopping

Barbecue Farm Brasilia

5 of 6 Banana Split by Fazenda Churrascada — Photo: Fazenda Churrascada/Disclosure

Banana Split from Fazenda Churrascada — Photo: Fazenda Churrascada/Disclosure

The restaurant offers different flavors of premium artisanal ice cream, for R$16. There is also the option of Banana Split da Fazenda, for R$27.

  • Hours: from 12:00 to 00:00
  • Address: Setor de Clubes Sul, Tr. 2 (inside the Golf Club)

The house offers the Meringa al frutti di bosco, for R$ 43. It’s a panna cotta ice cream, garnished with meringues and red fruit syrup. or the Gelati and Sorbettifor R$ 29, which are two scoops of ice cream – with the options of callebaut chocolate, fiore di latte, caramel with salt flower, lemon and red fruits, with the free combination of flavors

  • Time: from 12 noon to midnight
  • Address: Shopping Iguatemi, Loja 22, ground floor – North Lake

Bla’s Kitchen of Cultures

With authorial creations, the ice cream day is celebrated with:

  1. fruity (R$28.90): mango and wasabi sorbet with berries, sigh, pink pepper sauce and sunomono with sesame
  2. Crepe stuffed with dulce de leche, then blown and cinnamon ice cream (R$34.90)
  3. Apple strudel (R$ 29.90): apple stuffed dough, light crumble and cinnamon ice cream.
  4. caribbean (R$25.90): rum-flammed banana served with vanilla ice cream and baniwa ant
  5. artisan ice cream (R$ 15.90): ice cream with cinnamon, grandma’s mousse (chocolate), mango with wasabi and cream ice cream
  • Time: from 12pm to 4pm and from 7pm to 11pm
  • Place: CLN 406 Block D Store 38

6 of 6 Buffalo Bio Avalanche Cup — Photo: Buffalo Bio/Disclosure

Buffalo Bio Avalanche Cup — Photo: Buffalo Bio/Disclosure

To celebrate the date, the restaurant offers:

  1. ice cream cup (BRL 16.90)
  2. avalanche cup: cup with ice cream, cup coated with ground chestnuts and whipped cream (R$ 29.90)
  3. roasted banana on parrilla with ice cream (R$ 24.90)
  4. flambé banana with ice cream (R$ 24.90)
  5. sundae (from R$21.90), in Sonho de Valsa and strawberry with whipped cream flavors
  • Time: 11:30 am to 3:30 pm; and 18:30 to 23:00
  • Address: Samambaia Agricultural Colony Chácara 35 – EPTG Marginal towards Taguatinga

The restaurant offers a gâteau soufflé (R$28.90) with milk ice cream and chestnut praline, as well as milkshakes in two flavors: Nutella with red fruit syrup and semisweet chocolate shavings (R$25); and dulce de leche with paçoca and chestnut praline (R$ 25).

  • Time: 12pm to 4pm and 6.30pm to midnight
  • Address: CLN 412 North, block B

The hamburger place bets on milkshakes: Três Leites (R$ 20), has three milk shakes with yellow syrup; and Paçoca with Caramel (R$ 20), made with vanilla, paçoca and caramel.

  • Time: from 11:45 am to 1:30 am
  • Address: CLN 409, block B, shop 1 – North Wing

The network promotes the Ice Cream Day Festival. Among the highlights are:

  • cookie sandwich (from R$28.90): two flavors of cookies – milk chocolate or classic brownie -, with cream ice cream in the middle and filling of the customer’s choice (hazelnut cream and Ovaltine cream)
  • Chocolate Frappé (R$ 26.90): combination with coffee, ice cream and chocolate syrup, finished with whipped cream and cocoa powder
  • Caramel Frappé (R$26.90): combination with coffee, ice cream and caramel sauce, finished with whipped cream and cocoa powder

The order can be placed at the 15 stores in Brasília or by delivery app.

Read more news about the region on g1 DF.

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