Izolda Cela counters Captain Wagner’s attacks on Fundef precatories: ‘candidate who lies’ – PontoPoder

Izolda Cela counters Captain Wagner’s attacks on Fundef precatories: ‘candidate who lies’ – PontoPoder
Izolda Cela counters Captain Wagner’s attacks on Fundef precatories: ‘candidate who lies’ – PontoPoder

The governor of Ceará, Izolda Cela (without a party), returned to rebut on social networks, this Thursday morning (22), attacks by the candidate for the government, Captain Wagner (União Brasil) on the payment of the precatories of the Fund for Maintenance and Development of Elementary Education and for the Valorization of Teaching (Fundef).

Izolda reiterated that the State Government has always “positioned itself in favor of allocating 60% of the resource for teachers” and said that “candidate who lies will not pass”.

The governor’s demonstration occurs in response to Wagner’s statements, in which in an interview with the press and in a video published on his social networks, the candidate claims that “the Federal Government deposited 1.2 billion reais in the state coffers”, but that the state administration would have allegedly triggered the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to, he says, “suspend the payment of teachers”.

Izolda had already published an official note, on Wednesday (21), informing that such information about the State Government does not proceed.

Plenary of the Chamber of Fortaleza

She explained that, contrary to what has been said by the candidate, “the State Attorney General’s Office has already asked the STF since last September 12 to immediate release of BRL 709 million, which correspond to 60% of the first installment”. In the post, there is an image of a document sent by PGE to the STF.

In addition, the remaining 40% allocated to the State of Ceará, informs the note, “is earmarked for investments in infrastructure for the improvement of teaching units and the universalization of full-time secondary education”.

“Untrue Information”

This Thursday (22), Izolda stated that: “Some types of lies my grandmother called ‘washed out’. Big ones, without ceremony. For it is of this type that the candidate Captain Wagner has been heard about the Government and the precatory of Education”.

The governor also said she regretted that “untrue information is released in order to confuse people”.

The video in which he states that the state management would be against the payment of precatories and that “the part that fell to the State for investment is already being spent” while “the part that fell to the teachers, the Government of Ceará activated the STF to suspend the teachers’ payments” is published on the candidate’s networks.

Destiny of precatories

In July 2022, Izolda announced that more than half of the resources from the first installment of Fundef’s precatories would be allocated to the salaries of teachers in the state network.

According to the governor, at the time, the first installment of the precatories, which is already in cash, was equivalent to R$ 1.18 billion and of this total, 60% would be directed to the appreciation of teachers and 40% to pedagogical and infrastructure projects, such as construction and renovation of schools and purchase of materials, equipment and other inputs.

The payment of the precatories must be made by the Federal Government to the State in three installments: the first, of R$ 1.18 billion, is already deposited in the state treasury. The next ones will be deposited in 2023 and 2024.


Wanted by the report, candidate Captain Wagner said, through a note, that his attempt (by Izolda, in his words) to politicize this issue of teachers in the final stretch of the electoral campaign is inappropriate. Wagner also said that, on July 19 of this year, the management asked for only 40% of the appeal to the STF, equivalent to R$ 472 million, “when it could have requested the full amount”.

The candidate for governor also stated that the request made by Izolda to the Supreme Court on the 12th only took place after he publicly mentioned the commitment to pay the remaining 60% of the amount in January 2023.

“In any case, we are happy that we are already contributing to the appreciation and respect of Ceará teachers, even as a candidate. As a teacher that I am also, I am glad that our simple declaration has helped the Government to accelerate the payment of this value to those who deserve it”, concluded Wagner.

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