What are the most competitive cities in Brazil in 2022

What are the most competitive cities in Brazil in 2022
What are the most competitive cities in Brazil in 2022

For the third year in a row, Barueri (SP) is the most competitive municipality in Brazil, according to a survey by the Center for Public Leadership (CLP). Located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and with an estimated population of 279.7 thousand inhabitants, it stands out in pillars such as fiscal sustainability, economic insertion and innovation and economic dynamism.

The ranking’s podium is completed by Florianópolis (SC), champion in the human capital category, and São Caetano do Sul (SP), which has good performance in pillars such as quality of education, safety and economic insertion.

The CLP survey covers 415 municipalities with more than 80 thousand inhabitants, where 127.9 million people live, or 59.96% of the Brazilian population.

All the top 20 positions in the Municipalities Competitiveness Ranking are occupied by cities in the South and Southeast. But there are positive highlights spread across all regions. Sobral, in the interior of Ceará, is a leader in the quality of education. Breves, in Pará, Coari, in Amazonas, and the same Sobral occupy the podium in the environment. And Sinop, in the north of Mato Grosso, is among the three best placed in the education pillar.

The three cities that gained the most positions in the ranking between 2021 and 2022 are in São Paulo. São Sebastião, on the north coast, went from 175th to 60th position. Rio Claro, in the center-north, climbed 103 positions, reaching 117th place. And Cruzeiro, in Vale do Paraíba, went from 295th to 204th place. They made progress in the three dimensions of the ranking: economy, institutions and society.

See below the ranking of the most competitive municipalities in the country. The first list shows the top 20 in the general list, followed by the top three in each of the three dimensions and 13 pillars. The complete publication is at the end of the text.

The 20 most competitive cities in the country

  • 1st Barueri (SP)
  • 2nd Florianópolis (SC)
  • 3rd São Caetano do Sul (SP)
  • 4th Porto Alegre (RS)
  • 5th São Paulo (SP)
  • 6th Curitiba (PR)
  • 7th Campinas (SP)
  • 8th Santana do Parnaíba (SP)
  • 9th Victory (ES)
  • 10th Blumenau (SC)
  • 11th Santos (SP)
  • 12th Belo Horizonte (MG)
  • 13th São Carlos (SP)
  • 14th Jundiaí (SP)
  • 15th Maringá (PR)
  • 16th Indaiatuba (SP)
  • 17th São Bernardo do Campo (SP)
  • 18th Balneário Camboriú (SC)
  • 19th Votuporanga (SP)
  • 20th Jaraguá do Sul (SC)

Dimension: institutions

  • 1st Balneário Camboriú (SC)
  • 2nd Santana do Parnaíba (SP)
  • 3rd São Paulo (SP)

Dimension: society

  • 1st São Caetano do Sul (SP)
  • 2nd Votuporanga (SP)
  • 3rd Matão (SP)

Dimension: economy

  • 1st Florianópolis (SC)
  • 2nd Barueri (SP)
  • 3rd Porto Alegre (RS)

Pillar: fiscal sustainability

  • 1st Barueri (SP)
  • 2nd Santana do Parnaíba (SP)
  • 3rd Balneário Camboriú (SC)

Pillar: functioning of the public machine

  • 1st Londrina (PR)
  • 2nd Victory (ES)
  • 3rd Curitiba (PR)

Pillar: access to health

  • 1st White Duck (PR)
  • 2nd Uberlândia (MG)
  • 3rd Nova Lima (MG)

Pillar: quality of health

  • 1st Criciúma (SC)
  • 2nd Mainstay (RS)
  • 3rd São Roque (SP)

Pillar: access to education

  • 1st Votuporanga (SP)
  • 2nd Barretos (SP)
  • 3rd Vineyard (SP)

Pillar: quality of education

  • 1st Sobral (CE)
  • 2nd Itatiba (SP)
  • 3rd São Caetano do Sul (SP)

pillar: security

  • 1st Várzea Paulista (SP)
  • 2nd Campo Limpo Paulista (SP)
  • 3rd São Caetano do Sul (SP)

pillar: sanitation

  • 1st Santos (SP)
  • 2nd Balneário Camboriú (SC)
  • 3rd Assisi (SP)

pillar: environment

  • 1st Brief (PA)
  • 2nd Coari (AM)
  • 3rd Sobral (CE)

Pillar: economic insertion

  • 1st Barueri (SP)
  • 2nd São Caetano do Sul (SP)
  • 3rd São José (SC)

Pillar: innovation and economic dynamism

  • 1st Barueri (SP)
  • 2nd São Paulo (SP)
  • 3rd Porto Alegre (RS)

Pillar: human capital

  • 1st Florianópolis (SC)
  • 2nd Victory (ES)
  • 3rd Porto Alegre (RS)

pillar: telecommunications

  • 1st Caraguatatuba (SP)
  • 2nd Ubatuba (SP)
  • 3rd Sinop (MT)

Municipalities Competitiveness Ranking – Complete publication

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