Senac RN and TN launch project Journey to discuss professional qualification – 09/23/2022 – News

Senac RN and TN launch project Journey to discuss professional qualification – 09/23/2022 – News
Senac RN and TN launch project Journey to discuss professional qualification – 09/23/2022 – News

Senac RN is an institution whose mission is to deliver excellent professionals to the market and, together with Tribuna do Norte, is launching Projeto Jornada, an initiative to provoke professionals and young people aspiring to the job market to be in tune and adapt to the rapid changes it has been going through.


Project will focus on trends and opportunities in areas such as Health, Communication, Management and Business and Information Technology

The Jornada project will show the advantages of professionally qualifying at Senac RN, presenting the updated portfolio and all the educational innovations that the institution offers to its students. The trends and opportunities in the areas of activity that have been most sought after today, such as Health, Communication, Management and Business and Information Technology will be topics discussed within the Project.

In addition to these courses, areas that stand out for their entrepreneurial profile that inspires students, such as the Beauty and Gastronomy sectors, will also be addressed. Courses in hairdressing, manicure, waxing, eyebrow design and others will be the theme of the Journey. In gastronomy, several workshops and short courses that train professionals for more specific areas such as Italian, Japanese, Vegan, Salgateria and many others will be available to students and those interested in becoming an entrepreneur. All these courses have a high rate of demand by people who want to open their own business and therefore invest in this qualification and also arouse the interest of professionals and entrepreneurs who already work in the area and want to improve or update.

Senac’s Journey Project

Projeto Jornada emerged from the partnership between Senac and Tribuna do Norte, with the objective of bringing more detailed information to the public about the various segments in which Senac operates as a vocational school. Videos were made with coordinators, instructors and students from the most diverse areas, showing the laboratories, the classrooms and talking in more detail about some courses.

If education alone is the basis for the development of citizens, when combined with professional qualification, it can transform the reality of those who receive it and it is with this mission that Senac RN works, to educate for work. For 75 years, Senac has fulfilled the mission of educating for work, being one of the main references in the area of ​​professional education in RN. Annually, an average of 15,000 enrollments are registered in courses covering more than 10 areas of activity.

In Rio Grande do Norte, the institution has eight fixed units, five in Natal, one in Mossoró, one in Caicó and Assú, in addition to the Hotel-Escola Senac Barreira Roxa, an equipment that is a reference for promoting tourism in RN. In 2023, the new Senac Technical School will be inaugurated, a unit in the center of Natal that will offer technical and qualification courses in the areas of Health, IT, Management and Beauty.

Senac maintains a constant dialogue with the market and the business class, with the objective of understanding what are the current demands and developing courses to meet such demand. It is in the training of professionals with an education of excellence that Senac qualifies its students to compete for the best job openings.

Recalculating the route

Every year, around one thousand professionals are sent to the job market through Senac Empregabilidade, a free service provided by Senac RN that aims to guide and facilitate the exchange of information between the companies that are recruiting and the students graduated at the institution. The Service also makes available a series of resources for guidance in building the professional career of students.

The technical level qualification not only contributes to the insertion in the professional market but can also be a great ally for those who want to “recalculate the route” and improve knowledge or even invest in a new career. There is still a common thought in Brazil that attributes professional success only to higher education. However, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Internships – ABRES, only 5% of the Brazilian population has completed higher education. Among the graduates, only 40% get a job in their area of ​​specialization, according to a survey carried out by the consultancy IDados.

In this context, investing in technical training in an area of ​​interest emerges as an additional opportunity to enter the job market. Especially because the technical courses include a more practical and less extensive curriculum for different activities, which adds a greater cost-benefit. In addition, the technical course is very focused on preparing the student for practice, providing internships and practical activities in real market scenarios.

the nearest job

The new Senac Centro facility, dedicated to technical courses, will also receive students from other courses. An updated Portfolio is being prepared, with new options for those who want to start in the market after completing a technical course. In addition, the training will be connected with the demands of the entity’s partner companies, which demand weekly vacancies, exclusive to Senac RN students. There are also internship programs, where the student is already qualified for the job market.

The demand for courses in the health area grows more and more. With this in mind, Jornada works on specific courses, such as nursing, aesthetics and podiatry. This growth is directly related to the increase in the demand for a healthier life by the population, which seeks to maintain daily body care. The technical course is increasingly becoming a valuable option to prepare people for the job market. At Senac, students already have a first contact with the requirements and level expected by the job market. A strategy that proves to be effective in the short and medium term. They are shorter duration courses, more accessible average ticket, more objective and practical and a good acceptance in the market.


The Jornada 2022 project, a partnership between Senac RN and Tribuna do Norte, will air five videos on the TN Online portal. In Video 1 – Technical Courses -, which airs this Friday (23), topics such as the benefits of technical training, increased opportunities in the health sector and details about the technical courses offered by Senac RN, as well as its benefits and differentials, with the testimony of a student who took the Technical Nursing course and is currently employed.

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