Criminal police officers are suspected of torturing detainees in a prison in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza

Criminal police officers are suspected of torturing detainees in a prison in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza
Criminal police officers are suspected of torturing detainees in a prison in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza

Criminal police officers, including a prison director, began to be investigated by the Comptroller General of Discipline of the Public Security and Penitentiary System (CGD), this Thursday (22), on suspicion of torturing detainees, at the Professor Olavo Oliveira II Prison Unit (UPPOO II) – former IPPOO II – in Itaitingain the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza (RMF).

CGD said in a statement that, as soon as it became aware of the complaint, “it took all appropriate measures to initiate the investigation through the Internal Affairs Office (DAI)”.

The Controller’s Office also determined the opening of a disciplinary process for investigation in the administrative area. CGD clarifies that there was no arrest in flagrante delicto.”

General Controllership of Discipline

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The report found that the complaint was received by a judge from the Corregedoria dos Prisídios, who carried out an inspection of the Penitentiary Unit and witnessed signs of torture. Sought since 11:55 am this Thursday (22), the Court of Justice of Ceará (ECJ) did not respond until the publication of this article.

Update [22/9/2022 – 17h41]

The Court of Justice sent a note informing that after receiving a complaint about the practice of mistreatment in the unit, “the Corregedoria de Prisídios de Fortaleza, together with members of the State Public Ministry and Public Defender’s Office, immediately carried out an inspection and with inmates of the Professor Olavo Oliveira II Penal Institute (IPPOO II)”. According to the ECJ, during the inspection “bodily injuries were found to prisoners in a certain ward”.

“In light of what happened and what was found out, the Prison Internal Affairs Department informed the state disciplinary bodies so that they could carry out the due investigation and adopt the appropriate measures. in the Forensic Expertise of Ceará (Pefoce); and also that the Secretary of Penitentiary Administration of Ceará (SAP) provide medical care to prisoners”.

Court of Justice of Ceará (TJCE)

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The Secretary of Penitentiary Administration of Ceará (SAP) reported that “all the inmates were referred for the execution of forensic examinations” and assured that he also “immediately adopted all the necessary measures to start the investigation of the facts, in addition to opening an investigation process in the Control and Discipline Security Cell ( CSCD)”.


The Ceará State Penitentiary Council (Copen) said it became aware of the alleged torture and asked for an investigation into the case.

According to the president of the Council, Jorge Bheron Rocha, a counselor was appointed to monitor the forensic examinations and possible investigations.

“It is understood that disproportionate and illegal restrictions, such as limitations or obstacles to visits, or the practice of violence or torture by State agents in the name of security, must be rejected and reformulated,” said Bheron Rocha.


The president of the Prison Law Commission and lawyer, Márcio Vitor Albuquerque, also said he was following the case. According to Márcio Vitor, the commission will officiate the expertise to get knowledge of the materiality and the exams that were carried out on the detainees.

“The Bar Association, through the Penitentiary Law Commission, became aware of the possible practice of a crime in a penitentiary unit. In this way, the commission will inspect the unit and will interview the ward where the fact allegedly happened. The OAB will, if necessary, qualify for the police investigation, as well as accompany the entire investigation”, said the president.

Another body that monitors the case is the Public Ministry of Ceará (MPCE). On Thursday night (22), the MP took a stand stating that the Attorney General of Justice, Manuel Pinheiro, appointed a group of prosecutors from the Criminal Investigation Center (Nuinc) to monitor the investigations.

“Torture is a heinous crime and, if the suspicion raised is proven, the public agents who injured the prisoners will be severely punished. The Public Ministry will act with firmness and energy to guarantee the comprehensive and in-depth investigation of the facts that is necessary for the punishment. authors”, said Manuel Pinheiro.

The MP points out that on Wednesday (21), based on the evidence of torture, the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Internal Affairs went to the prison in person to talk to the detainees and carry out the necessary legal procedures.

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