Inform Manaus – PMAM detains gang for trawlers made in the Coroado neighborhood

The suspects used a vehicle with a tampered license plate to commit the crimes.

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The Military Police of Amazonas (PMAM), through the Tactical Force, with the support of the 11th Interactive Community Company (Cicom), arrested, in the early hours of this Thursday (22/09), two men, aged 22 and 36, and two women, aged 22 and 29, for theft and tampering with a vehicle. The occurrence was attended in the Coroado 2 neighborhood, east of Manaus.

According to the police, around 1:30 am, the military police officers of the Tactical Force, during patrol, intercepted a white vehicle, license plate PHG-9214. After consulting the Integrated Security Operations Center (Ciops), it was found that the plate was tampered with and that its real identification was RHG-8214.

Still during the action, an iron bat, a knife and two cell phones, possibly stolen, were found inside the vehicle.


According to the police, the gang is identified as the author of several robberies in the Coroado neighborhood.


Vehicles 7133 and 7129, from the 11th Cicom, were called to support the occurrence and confirmed that the quartet was involved in the crimes in the Coroado neighborhood, all of which were sent to the 14th Integrated Police District (DIP).


The Military Police advises the population that, when they become aware of criminal actions, report immediately through the hotline 181, or 190.
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