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Images from a security camera circuit recorded the moment when a five-story building, in the final stages of finishing, collapsed on a house at dawn on Wednesday (21/9), in Bairro Planalto, in the North Region of Belo Horizonte. . The tragedy killed one person and left three others injured. The video shows the street with little movement and the exact time when the structure gave way and collapsed, at 4:48 in the morning. The neighbors of the property called the Fire Department and the Military Police a few moments later, around 5 am.

One person died and three others were injured.

Images show the exact moment the building collapsed (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Pres)

Two families occupied the property, one lived on the ground floor and the other on the penthouse. At the time of the accident, only the penthouse family, made up of an elderly couple and two daughters, was in the building.

The father, aged 75, and the daughters, aged 40 and 45, were safely pulled out of the rubble and rescued alive. The elderly man was taken to the Odilon Behrens Hospital, while the women were taken to the Joo XXIII Hospital.

The 70-year-old mother was found lifeless.

Prohibited Houses

Location of the building and interdicted houses in the Planalto neighborhood (photo: Soraia Piva/EM/DA Press)

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