Doctors at health posts in Betim also denounce salary delays | Minas Gerais

Doctors at health posts in Betim also denounce salary delays | Minas Gerais
Doctors at health posts in Betim also denounce salary delays | Minas Gerais

Doctors who provide outsourced services at health centers in Betim, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, denounce payment delays for at least two months. A group of messages per application, with 102 doctors, formalized the complaint at the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM-MG)

One of the doctors said the situation is unbearable. Some professionals received the salary for the month of July at the end of August. Others haven’t even received it yet. According to him, those responsible fear a mass stoppage.

We don’t have any support, no contract stating the date, forecast of payment of our salary. What we worked on in July, we struggled to get paid in the last week of August, almost September. We do not receive any plausible justification, our coordinator responsible for us, she claims that there are… registration errors, that she is changing companies too, right, even.

Another doctor, who also declined to be identified, said that the last time I received it was in early July, and that not everyone is receiving it.

Here, apparently, we don’t have a fixed date, right, every month there’s this mess, first they ask for a note, there are months that we receive with a month late, there are months that we receive with a later delay. Sometimes they pay some doctors and they don’t pay the others just to be relieved, looking like they’re going to pay and there’s this mess, in fact, without a fixed date, with nothing.

The city hall of Betim stated that the amount transferred to the responsible company is up to date, and that the professionals are outsourced.

The Municipality of Betim reaffirms that all monthly transfers of contractual resources were duly carried out, the last one being made on August 25th. It should be noted that, on September 5th, the contingency funds, legally foreseen for the settlement of the contract, were released. The city hall also clarifies that it was received, on today’s date, 20, the documentary support regarding the provision of medical services carried out in the month of August, for due analysis and validation. In the documentation forwarded, it is possible to verify that the entity has sufficient resources to honor the commitments with medical professionals.

The City Hall reaffirms its commitment to speed up the aforementioned analyzes so that the report can be sent to the entity by the end of this week.

Regarding the professionals of the UBS, we clarify that the city hall has not received any formal complaint from the Regional Council of Medicine or any other body linked to medical professionals. All transfers have been honored by the municipality since the beginning of the agreement with Associação Evangélica Beneficente de Minas Gerais, in November 2020. The entity’s contract with outsourced professionals provides for payment within 45 days after the work performed, considering the due proof of performance of the services and issuance of the invoice.

The OS that operates in the Upas of the municipality is the Social Organization (OS) Hospital e Maternidade Therezinha de Jesus.

The OS that operates in the UBS’s is the Associação Evangélica Beneficente de Minas Gerais.

The report of g1 Minas, made contact with the Beneficent Evangelical Association of Minas Gerais, and awaits a return.

The Regional Council of Medicine was contacted, but, until the last update of this report, it had not commented on the matter.

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