Durval Barbosa, Pandora’s Box whistleblower, is stabbed by his wife

Pandora’s Box whistleblower, Durval Barbosa Rodrigues, 70, was stabbed this Monday afternoon (9/19), at 114 Sul. Preliminary information indicates that he would have been hit by his wife, Fernanda Barbosa, 26. The suspect is currently being heard at the 1st Police Station (Asa Sul) and must undergo a forensic examination at the Legal Medical Institute (IML).

The woman has lesions compatible with those of physical aggression. According to the Military Police of the DF, a garrison was called to attend to domestic violence and, when the PMs arrived at the scene, they saw Durval bleeding after being stabbed in the abdomen.

To the military, Fernanda said that she and her husband would have started to fight and, to defend herself, she would have struck the blow with a white weapon. Durval was rescued by the Fire Department and taken to the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (Hran).

According to the deputy delegate of the 1st DP, Maurício Iacozzilli, Durval suffered superficial injuries and his condition is stable.

Durval knife

Knife used by Fernanda Barbosa against Durval BarbosaHugo Barreto / Metropolis


Durval Barbosa is married to Fernanda BarbosaInstagram reproduction

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Police were called to a domestic violence incident on Monday.Instagram reproduction


Woman stabbed her partner, who is 70 years oldInstagram reproduction

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Durval Barbosa was a whistleblower for Pandora’s Box, the biggest political scandal in the federal capitalInstagram reproduction


Former delegate of the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) and former Secretary of Institutional Relations of the Government of the Federal District (GDF) under José Roberto Arruda (PL), Durval was a whistleblower of the scheme that resulted in Operation Pandora’s Box, also known as the DEM Mensalão.

He was a pioneer in the award-winning delation institute. At the time, he recorded politicians in compromising situations. The material revealed the largest corruption scheme ever known in the Federal District. In one of the most emblematic videos, Arruda appears receiving a bundle of money from Durval.

Durval had suffered a stroke and heart attack on the night of August 13 this year. With two clogged arteries, he was admitted to a private hospital in Brasília.

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