Meet Lucas Coelho, a bodybuilder who left drugs to represent Brazil in Mr. olympia

Meet Lucas Coelho, a bodybuilder who left drugs to represent Brazil in Mr. olympia
Meet Lucas Coelho, a bodybuilder who left drugs to represent Brazil in Mr. olympia

native of the city of ganduin the interior of Bahia, Lucas Coelho is one of the biggest names in bodybuilding national. For the second time in a row, the athlete will represent the Brazil at category 212 of Mr Olympia (most important championship of this sport in the entire world) in December.

The Chosen One“, as he is often called, the bodybuilder qualified for the 2022 Mister Olympia after winning the MuscleContest Sao Paulo. In 2021, he won the Mister Big Evolutionpopularly called “Portugal Pro”, and debuted on the biggest stage in the world with the 12th position.

In exclusive interview to TV Cultura websitehe counts from what he characterized as “trash“, your period as chemical dependentuntil the “Lux“with your name stamped on the history of Brazilian sport.

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start in sport

“I always dreamed of being an athlete, since I was a child. I have always had a great passion for the sport.“, recalls Lucas. One of the turning points that took him from football to bodybuilding was a magazine from the late 1990s that featured photos of the two greatest bodybuilders of all time, Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. From there, I told my mother that I wanted to be that way. And so, a great passion for the bodybuilding“, account.

The athlete began his career on stage at the age of 27. In 2012, he debuted on ‘Brazilian California‘, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), and he was already the champion of the event.

I explored my genetic potential to the fullest. I didn’t know how to diet, but training… I didn’t know either, but I put my heart. I would do 10 more (repetitions) always, always giving my bestto the extent of what I believed was a well-done training”, he points out.

When talking about his conquest of the for the card (‘professional card’, an honor bestowed on those who earn the right to compete within the professional league), he highlights his willpower to reach the top: “The professional card was something very transformer in my life, because I dreamed therefore. AND when you dream and work towards your dreams, it won’t take long for them to come true. When he is born in your heart, it is because God shows that you have the capacity, within you, to reach him. And I’ve always prophesied this: ‘Future for 212’. Went there, worked, believed in my dreams and turned pro.”

fight against addiction

One of the most striking stages of Lucas’ life is, without a doubt, the period in which he was at the mercy of addiction. He doesn’t see his struggle as a weakness or a source of shame, and he makes a point of remembering when he became a hostage to drugs.

It’s something that I lived and that it’s worth being told, because every day new people arrive on my social network. There are always new people and I always have to show these people that God does not choose the able, he enables the chosen.. He gives you strength to win. And telling my story, today, not only strengthens me, but also other boys who send me messages… fathers, mothers who have a chemically dependent child and say: ‘if you turned it around, I believe my son will too“, he says.

The athlete understandsall the necessary process” to become who he is today, and highlights that “the pains and the stones” placed in his path made him build a “strength“. “My interest today is not being famous (…) I want people to hear that God rescued a man from the trash and took him to luxury. what is there hope not only for me, there is hope for everyone”, he adds.

“I ended up going down to dark world of drugs and that led me to degenerate my life. I came to stop at cracolândia, in downtown São Paulo. God had so much mercy that he put people who reached out to me, and my heart cried out for help. I I didn’t have the strength to get out of there. Addicted. But I asked God to take me away. My money was all for the drug, not anything else. And God, in his holy mercy, put people who reached out to me and I was able to get out of there. And today I really live taking what God has done in my life. God gives me the opportunity to talk about who I was, where I’m getting to. I came to live on the streets, I came to eat garbage on the streets“, he reports.

The bodybuilder, today, carries the word of God, but does not consider himself a religious: “I don’t ask people to see me as a religious guy, because I’m not religious. I’m a Christian guy who believes 100% in God, and I dedicate my life to him, because he rescued me from a dark place, and today I can be living the fulfillment of my dreams.”

“The guy who’s looking for the drug, he’s not living in the world correctin which he has the mental balance. He’s living in a world parallelin which your subterfuge is something that take it out of normality“, emphasizes the Bahian.

Mister Olympia preparation and training with Roelly Winklaar

“I have a promise in my life: to become Mister Olympia. And I’m working towards that. hard work“, fires the bodybuilder. When talking about this year’s edition, Lucas also declares that his goal is to be among the top five in the world.

For Lucas, “when you dedicate your heart and direct your dream to your hands, and you can do with your hands everything that is necessary to improve”.

“When I can’t do it anymore, God carries me on his lap and I can do everything in the best way possible”, he says.

In this preparation, Lucas has the help of a legend of the world bodybuilder, Roelly Winklaar. Third place at Mister Olympia and winner of the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia,”The Beast” came to Brazil to train the athlete for 20 days.

“I talked to my sponsors and they brought Roelly here to coach me in a ‘training camp‘ I enjoy. He already is adding a lot in my life, and the days he’s around will be something transformer“, highlights. According to Lucas, “a top 3 Olympia as great as Roelly Winklaar can add to the life of any athlete. I’m living a dream that it’s not just mine. I guarantee that every Brazilian athlete wanted to be going through this experience.“

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