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As of October, Azul will expand the offer of flights in the state of Pernambuco with the opening of another base, in the municipality of Araripina, located on the triple border between the states of Pernambuco, Piauí and Ceará. With this, the company will start operating flights to seven cities in the state, including the cities of Caruaru, Fernando de Noronha, Garanhuns, Petrolina, Serra Telhada and the capital, Recife, the main center of operations for Azul in the Northeast.

The connections between the airports of Araripina and Recife will be carried out by Azul Conecta with the Cessna Grand Caravan, nine-seat single-engine turboprop aircraft. The inaugural flight will be on October 19, departing Recife at 11:05 am and arriving at 1:35 pm. In the opposite direction, takeoff should take place at 2:00 pm and landing in the capital of Pernambuco at 4:40 pm.

“Pernambuco is a state with enormous potential for tourism and Recife is the daily route of thousands of passengers who pass by, either to stay in the city or to make connections to other destinations, including in the interior of the state. The operations in Araripina add to Azul’s commitment to connecting the most different regions of the country and going to places we’ve never been, always offering an experience of excellence to our Customers”, said Fábio Campos, director of Institutional Relations at Azul.

“The internalization of regional aviation is one of the priorities of the Government of Pernambuco. The new modal will shorten distances and help to promote tourism and the generation of new business in the Sertão do Araripe region, especially products derived from gypsum, the main source of local income”, highlighted Fernandha Batista, Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Resources for Pernambuco.

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