Girl wins frog cake in SC to celebrate her birthday | Santa Catarina

Girl wins frog cake in SC to celebrate her birthday | Santa Catarina
Girl wins frog cake in SC to celebrate her birthday | Santa Catarina

THE 3 years party took place at her house, in Ituporanga, in the Itajaí Valley.

According to her brother, Pedro Henrique Mello, 18, the cake was chosen by their mother. “The cake was for the reason for the videos, because she loves frogs. A tribute,” she says.

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Unlike the other videos and photos that Pedro publishes on the profile he shares with his sister, Lívia did not bring real amphibians to the party, because “the aunts were afraid”.

At the celebration, the girl was accompanied by a stuffed frog, “a gift from her uncle”, says her brother.

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2 of 2 Lívia with the plush frog that she received as a birthday present. — Photo: Social Networks/Disclosure

Lívia with the stuffed frog she got as a birthday present. — Photo: Social Networks/Disclosure

How did contact with frogs begin?

Responsible for introducing the amphibians to the child, Pedro says that the girl’s passion for frogs began this year. “I took one [sapo] and I went to show her. I let her take it. When I took it off, it turned into a cry,” she says.

In addition to amphibians, the girl often lives with wild animals. “These days I was scared, she had a spider in her hand”, she says. Environmentalists criticize the interaction (read more below).

Mother is scared to see 2-year-old daughter playing with frogs on the bed in SC

Pedro and Lívia’s mother, Arisseles Hilleshein, admits that she was afraid at the beginning of her children’s contact with animals, but that this coexistence with wild animals has been going on since the oldest was a child.

“Since he was little, Pedro also had a love for frogs, animals, and Lívia inherited that from him”, he says.

The biologist of the Fundação Jaraguaense do Meio Ambiente Christin Raboch, who works in animal rescues in the northern region of the state, recommends not touching the amphibians.

“We do not recommend holding wild animals in your hand for two reasons: one so that the person does not pass any diseases to the animals. the other, so that the animal does not pass something, such as some fungus, to the person”, he says.

Furthermore, Raboch explains that there is a single species that has more severe venom, although many people are afraid of frogs.

“In Brazil there is only one species that releases that poison that will blind people, which is in the Amazon. The rest of the frogs are harmless. So, if they are in the front, it’s ok, you can leave it there”, he explains.

According to environmentalist Germano Woehl Junior, frogs are wild animals protected by Law 9605/98.

The legislation says that it is illegal to “kill, stalk, hunt, catch, use specimens of wild fauna, native or on a migratory route, without the proper permission, license or authorization of the competent authority, or in disagreement with the one obtained”.

Germano highlights that, by keeping them at home, they are subjected to a stressful situation. “They are deprived of adequate food right now that it is the breeding season and they also have to travel to breeding sites,” he says.

“Frogs don’t react because of their nature, their passive behavior, and the fact that they don’t have teeth to bite and they don’t have sharp nails or claws. But they get very scared when touched”, he adds.

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