Portugal was the biggest action in the history of Minas promotion abroad

Actions to internationalize Minas Gerais began in November 2021, two months after most destinations opened their doors to foreign tourists and gave rise to the dispute for international tourists. Minas para o Mundo, a program of the Secretary of State for Culture and Tourism (Secult-MG), was born in Lisbon, with a salad of spices and flavors from Minas Gerais placed at the Portuguese table during the Convention of Brazilian Municipalities, organized by the Instituto Realidade Brasil. .

In May of this year, a delegation of 16 managers from Minas Gerais participated in IMEX Frankfurt, one of the most important business tourism fairs in the world, in a trip organized by Patrícia Moreira Eventos. The objective, according to Secult-MG, was to promote and position Minas as a vanguard destination and to develop networking with 8,000 tourism professionals from around the world.


Last week, back in Lisbon, the Minas para o Mundo program promoted a tour of the Minas Gerais Philharmonic through three Portuguese cities to celebrate the bicentennial of Independence, with support from the National Arts Foundation. A typical Minas Gerais breakfast was served at the Tivoli Liberdade Hotel for the Portuguese trade.

In total, there were 163 miners, including members of the Philharmonic Orchestra and Caretagem de Paracatu, businessmen and representatives of entities and destinations, promoting culture and tourism in Portugal, something never seen before in the state. In the program, road show with businessmen, visits to travel agencies and cocktails with the specialized press to show the State.

The presence of partners such as Cemig, sponsor of the Philharmonic Orchestra, was important to make the Portuguese tour possible. “Sponsoring the Philharmonic reinforces Cemig’s role as the energy of Minas Gerais culture. And it made us very proud to participate together with the Philharmonic in its first European tour, taking to Portugal the artistic excellence of symphonic music”, says Claudio Bianchini, Director of Communication and Sustainability.

Creative City

For Marcelo Rocha, president of CDL-BH), since international tourism resumed its activities, the entity is constantly promoting projects and actions that help to internationalize Belo Horizonte and strengthen these numbers. “We started with support for Parque do Palácio and, soon, the opening of the co-working space for the consulate body”, says the manager.

In Portugal, in partnership with Secult-MG and Sebrae Minas, CDL-BH carried out an extensive cultural program, especially promoting gastronomy. Belo Horizonte won the title of Creative City of Gastronomy in 2019, by UNESCO. “We offer journalists, businessmen and the local tourist trade a traditional Minas Gerais breakfast”, emphasizes Rocha.

For the director of CD-BH, Portuguese businessmen and the press saw that tourism in Brazilian lands is beyond the Rio-São Paulo axis and there is much to be explored. “We have excellent expectations regarding the internationalization of Minas Gerais tourism and, certainly, participation in events like this are fundamental for this objective”, he says.

He exemplifies this need for promotion well. To give you an idea, studies by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas show that for every R$1 invested in tourism promotion, there is a return of R$17.61 in the destination’s economy. “For sure, all this effort, in the short and medium term, will put Minas Gerais and Belo Horizonte on the international tourism route”, he points out.

Abav Expo and Festuris.

Next week. Minas Gerais will have its own stand at Abav Expo, the largest tourism fair in the country, which takes place in Olinda, Pernambuco, from 11/28 to 11/30. It will be 100 m². In November, it will be the turn to promote Minas Gerais destinations at the Gramado Tourism Festival (Festuris). The Minas Gerais stand promises to surprise with its design and innovation.

Participating in international fairs is, according to Sílvio Nascimento, president of Embratur, a unique opportunity to be close to strong outbound destinations and promote business. This is how other Latin American destinations such as Argentina and Peru have been doing. In this regard, Minas is one of the few states that has promoted itself abroad at the moment.


For this, Secult-MG has the support of partners such as Sebrae, Cemig, CDL-BH, Invest Minas and Funarte. Who was in the delegation, Tamoio Marcondes, president of the National Foundation for the Arts (Funarte), gave a statement to the column on how important it is to promote abroad at this time of resumption of tourism.

“In this year that we celebrate the bicentennial, the National Arts Foundation (Funarte) promoted a series of artistic projects throughout the national territory, alluding to that date, and joined the Secretary of Culture and Tourism of Minas and went to Portugal to join this program that promotes tourism and Brazilian culture on Portuguese soil”, highlights the director.

Funarte committed resources and supported the caretagem of Paracatu, a popular culture program to show Brazilian popular culture to the Portuguese. “Funarte had not operated outside the national territory for a long time. We had a significant gain with Minas in Portuguese soil, taking popular culture and the name of Brazil outside the country and reinforcing our strategic position as a promoter of Brazilian arts “, said.


October and November are important months for the international promotion of destinations. In October at IMEX America, from 11 to 13, in Las Vegas (USA); in November, at WTM London, from the 7th to the 9th. Both serve as a showcase to showcase destinations, products and services. The Buenos Aires FIT, from 1 to 4/10, is another one that opens its doors to Mercosur tourists.

Leonidas Oliveira, Secretary of State for Culture and Tourism, says that Minas will be present at all events. “The growth of tourist activity in Minas shows that we are on the right path. All these events will result in the consolidation of Minas’ image in the world and in the attraction of new investments, generating employment and income”, he emphasizes.[isticaemMinasmostraqueestamosnorumocertoTodosesseseventosresultarãonaconsolidaçãodaimagemdeMinasnomundoenaatraçãodenovosinvestimentosgerandoempregoerenda”enfatiza

positive numbers

Public and private institutions are strongly promoting tourism, with an eye on numbers. According to data from the Reviva Turismo program, the balance of jobs directly or indirectly linked to tourism between May 2021 and June 2022 was 44,530 jobs. The General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged) registered 372,930 new jobs in June, an increase of 12.3% compared to the same period in 2021.

Recent data from Iatur, released last month by the international association, show that the volume of tourist activities in Brazil increased by 43.5% compared to June 2021, a figure above the Brazilian average, which was 25.9% . The State also had the second highest change in this period, behind only Ceará (43.8%).

In the Monthly Survey of Services, a survey released by the IBGE on the 13th, in July, the index of tourist activities pointed to an expansion of 1.5%. Of the 12 federation units surveyed, Minas Gerais appears in the first position, with 38.7%, ahead of São Paulo (34.6%) and Rio de Janeiro. In the indicator accumulated in the year, the State sums up 67.1%.

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