“Pernambuco is not the captaincy of Campos Arraes”, says Miguel

Photo: Max Brito

The candidate for governor Miguel Coelho was in Jataúba this Monday morning (19). Accompanied by deputy Alessandra Vieira and former mayor Antônio de Roque, Miguel said that Marília Arraes represents the same PSB project, rejected by 70% of Pernambuco. The União Brasil candidate also said that removing the socialists to place the Solidarity opponent is just an exchange of convenience for the interests of a group that has governed for more than a decade.

“Pernambuco is not the captaincy of Campos Arraes. There is a candidate there who was elected the worst federal deputy in Pernambuco, who is afraid of a simple debate, but who claims to be something new. It’s all the same, taking out the PSB to put Marília in is exchanging six for half a dozen”, said Miguel. “Her deputy was secretary until the other day, he left the roads with potholes. Her senator was also with Paulo Câmara until last May and said that Danilo was better than Marília. So, you see, it’s all the same. The people from Pernambuco want to change and this group has nothing new,” added the União Brasil candidate.

In Jataúba, Miguel also committed to investing in water supply and improving roads in the Agreste. The candidate for governor by União Brasil guaranteed that the time of persecution for those who produce will end. “The policy of this group of PSB and aggregates is to take the worker’s motorcycle, to squeeze tax on the entrepreneur. This will end in 2023, we will have a government to work for the people and not to make life difficult for those who need it most”, assured Miguel.

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