PM is arrested after shooting a man in the head in a traffic stop in the North Zone

PM is arrested after shooting a man in the head in a traffic stop in the North Zone
PM is arrested after shooting a man in the head in a traffic stop in the North Zone

A military police officer from the 3rd BPM (Méier) identified as Márcio Felipe dos Santos Ribeiro was arrested by agents of the 19th DP (Tijuca) this Monday morning. He is accused of shooting the head of radiology technician and app driver Raphael Montovaneli, 40, during a blitz on Avenida Marechal Rondon, in the São Francisco Xavier neighborhood, in the North Zone of the city. The case happened around midnight, hours after the match between Flamengo and Fluminense, at Maracanã.

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According to the PM, the driver of the vehicle where Raphael was not obeying a stop order. In an attempt to approach, according to the military, the driver would have tried to flee, and the agent shot in the direction of the victim, who was in the passenger seat. “The vehicle would have come towards the garrison at high speed and one of the police officers fired a firearm, hitting one of the occupants”, said the police.

Radiology technician and app driver Raphael Montovaneli, 40 years old Photo: Disclosure

Also according to the PM, the driver of the car took Raphael to the Federal Hospital of Andaraí and fled the scene. The condition of the person shot is considered serious.

Paulo Vicente da Costa, a friend of the radiology technician and who was also in the car when Raphael was hit, denies the version that the driver punctured the traffic stop, as the police say.

— We left the Flamengo game and went to drink a beer at the headquarters of Urubuzada (organized fans). Then we left a friend at home and left for Avenida Marechal Rondon. The light was green and the driver accelerated so that he (signal) would not close. At that, there were already two police cars on the corner. I think they (policemen) were “scalded” and already shot. At no time did they ask us to stop. When I looked to the side, Raphael was all bloody and passed out.

Raphael’s family also criticized the policeman’s action:

— We know that Rio is violent, but nothing justifies shooting as a first option and taking the risk of killing an innocent — laments a cousin of the radiology technician.

In a note, the Municipal Health Department informs that “Raphael Montovaneli had a vacancy granted at 2:31 am this Monday (19) by the Municipal Regulation Center, for neurosurgical evaluation at the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital. The removal should be provided by the Andaraí Federal Hospital. , however, the ambulance from that unit was not available. In the morning, after the patient was evaluated by a neurosurgeon from the Hospital Federal do Andaraí, the unit suspended the request for regulation”.

According to a friend, Raphael’s wife is expecting a girl, who should be born in 15 days. This is the couple’s first child.

The case is being investigated by the 19th DP (Tijuca).

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