FAEMG system has the largest number of associated unions in the country

During the First Meeting of the FAEMG System: O Agro de Minas Passa por Aqui, which took place at Expominas, in Belo Horizonte, the vice president of the Secretariat of the FAEMG System, Weber Bernardes, spoke about the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of the State of Minas Gerais, which has the largest number of associated unions in the country: 387 rural unions.

“We can become bigger if everyone, in their municipality, knows the impact of their work on our sector. Action that needs to be aligned with the purposes of the System”, he observed.

The vice president of the FAEMG System Secretariat said that last year, there were 16 ATeG Field Days, with 3,472 participants.

“These are moments that exchange and add knowledge, through practical experiences. This year, there will be 36 Field Days, with 7,812 participants,” he calculated.

Weber highlighted the work that was done in the Tejuco River Basin, in the Triângulo Mineiro, through the FIP Landscapes Program, which helps the producer to work with efficiency and environmental sustainability.

“To demonstrate the results, this year we are holding 10 Field Days with 1,200 participants, confirming the quality of the program”, he emphasized.

Another action highlighted by Weber was the Senar Faemg+ Project, which trains and structures the Union to expand and improve the offer of services to members.

“The project allows the union to have technical and economic sustainability. Thus, we will strengthen the union system. Among the products are: Issuance of Invoices, Tax on Rural Land Property – ITR, Animal Transit Guide – GTA, and Valor da Terra Nua – VTN. In addition to registration services and registration of activities related to flora, access to rural social security and the Vagas do Agro portal”, he enumerated.

The new phase of the project, according to the vice president, also includes training, lectures and seminars on Rural Administration, Dairy Cattle, Drones, Agroecology and Composting, among others.

“The FAEMG System has been showing that approximation and interaction with the class are increasingly necessary. When we, producers, are provided with information and good tools, we can only gain. The producer, the Union and the FAEMG System win”, he evaluated.

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