Considered Dorival Caymmi’s second Bahia, Rio das Ostras pays tribute to the musician

The breeze from Bahia will blow along the seafront of Rio das Ostras, in the coastal lowlands of Rio de Janeiro, between this Monday, the 19th, and Sunday, the 25th, during an event that will pay tribute to Dorival Caymmi.

The ‘Caymmi Week – on the sea waves, on the radio waves’, which debuts now and is expected to enter the city’s annual calendar, includes concerts, lectures, workshops, an exhibition and even a beach parade.

Love for Rio das Ostras

Caymmi ad for real estate in Rio das Ostras | Photo: Publicity/Caymmi Week

Not everyone knows, but Caymmi had a house in Rio das Ostras, in the 1990s, and considered the place as her second Bahia.

Dorival Caymmi’s youngest son, Danilo, spoke to the Multiplix Portal about some memories of the house in Rio das Ostras and revealed the reason for the family’s relationship with the place:

My mother was a great fisherman and was enchanted by the city. The proximity to the sea attracted the whole family, my uncles and brothers also had a house in Rio das Ostras. My mother liked to fish and Dad loved the place very much.

Caymmi said that Rio das Ostras was his second Bahia | Photo: Publicity/Caymmi Week

In addition to the coast, Danilo Caymmi also maintains a connection with the Serrana Region of Rio: his daughter Juliana lives near Lumiar, in the Nova Friburgo district. In addition, he has as a partner the musician Claudio Nucci (who lives in the city), with whom he performs at the end of this month in Salvador.

Danilo Caymmi with his father: many memories in his showsDanilo Caymmi with his father: many memories in his concerts | Photo: Collection/Danilo Caymmi

Danilo has some shows ready, which he performs in Brazil and around the world. One of them is called ‘Viva Caymmi’, where he sings his father’s hits.

The show is interspersed with some narrations of interesting events around the figure of Dorival Caymmi. They are memories, curiosities and moments that reveal different phases of the artist’s life.

One of my favorite stories is about Dad’s first success. He was very young and was asked to show a song to Carmem Miranda, who, at first, didn’t like the song. But when she got to know him up close, she changed everything.

He says that the performance of the song ‘O que que a baiana tem?’ had the active participation of the father. Dorival Caymmi was present throughout the design of Carmem Miranda’s costumes, as Danilo recalled, with frills and many colors.

Fruits on the head, full skirts and many necklaces were the composition of the clothes of the first Brazilian woman to launch fashion internationally, based on a song by an illustrious Bahian that became a worldwide success.

The schedule in Rio das Ostras

The event launched this Monday, 19, in Rio das Ostras, was conceived by Daniela Name and Leonardo Lichote.

The immersive exhibition on Dorival Caymmi was created from the collection of the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in Rio de Janeiro. Stella, Caymmi’s granddaughter, gives a lecture on Thursday, the 22nd, and Dori, the artist’s son, gives a show on Saturday, the 24th.

Dori Caymmi performs on Saturday, the 24thDori Caymmi performs on Saturday, 24th | Photo: Publicity/Caymmi Week

In addition, the program includes singing and arts workshops, a film show with several films, with Dorival as a central figure and a procession through the city’s streets to celebrate the Bahian composer and his relationship with the city.

The project was born from the MIS collection, on which the exhibition was designed, as informed by one of the creators of the event, Leonardo Lichote. It is the exhibition that anchors the entire Caymmi Week. Lichote adds:

The composer’s archive, which is in the museum’s care, reveals its grandeur from an intimate perspective, with letters, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, familiar images. It is this close and profound look that we seek for the event as a whole. Caymmi allows us to see much of the Brazilian soul.

Photo from the family album provided to Portal Multiplix by Danilo CaymmiPhoto from the family album provided to Portal Multiplix by Danilo Caymmi | Photo: Personal archive/Danilo Caymmi

Daniela Name, co-creator of Semana Caymmi, says that the entire program seeks the participation of the public of Rio das Ostras and visitors in the shows at Concha Acústica and Cortejo Praiano, on the waterfront and in the streets of downtown.

All the planned actions are interconnected, providing the public with an immersion in the life and work of the honoree.

The project, included in the Expomis – Culture, Education and Memory public notice, by the Museum of Image and Sound, has the sponsorship of MIS RJ and the institutional support of Fundação Rio das Ostras de Cultura.

Film Show

  • Location: Rio das Ostras de Cultura Foundation – Av. Christopher Barcelos, 109

  • Dates and times: 19th, Monday, (20h), 20th, Tuesday, (20h), 21st, Wednesday, (20h), 22nd, Thursday, (15:30), 23rd , Friday (3:30 pm) and the 24th, Saturday (2:00 pm)


  • Location: Artistic Training Center for Music, Dance and Theater – Praça José Pereira Câmara, s/nº

  • Stella Caymmi – Caymmi and bossa nova – 22nd, Thursday (6pm)

  • Henrique Dantas – Blackness in Caymmi – 23rd, Friday (6pm)

  • Eucanaã Ferraz – The Bahian imaginary from the songbook – 24th, Saturday (4pm)


  • Location: Concha Acoustic – Av. Cristóvão Barcelos – Boca da Barra

  • Alice Passos – 23rd, Friday (7:30 pm)

  • Dori Caymmi – 24th, Saturday (6:30 pm)


  • Location: Casa de Cultura de Rio das Ostras Bento Costa Júnior – Rua Bento Costa Júnior, 70

  • Opening: 22nd, Thursday (8pm)

  • Date: between September 23 and October 23 – Monday to Saturday

  • Hours: Monday to Friday (9 am to 6 pm) and Saturdays (1 pm to 6 pm)


  • Location: Casa de Cultura de Rio das Ostras Bento Costa Júnior – Rua Bento Costa Júnior, 70

  • Alice Passos musical workshop – 22nd and 23rd, Thursday and Friday (11 am to 1 pm)

  • Maré Caymmi Workshop for children between 8 and 12 years old, with Daniela Name and Karla Pessoa – Saturday, 24th (11:00 to 13:00)


  • Concentration: Boca da Barra Beach

  • Date: September 25, Sunday (9am)

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