Barcelos, a paradise of beaches to enjoy the heat of the Amazon

Barcelos, a paradise of beaches to enjoy the heat of the Amazon
Barcelos, a paradise of beaches to enjoy the heat of the Amazon

Barcelona (AM) – The Amazonian summer is at its peak, and temperatures continue to rise. To cool off and soften the heat, the Amazonas State Tourism Company (Amazonastur) presents the municipality of Barcelos as the perfect destination for those who love to put their feet in the sand and enjoy a bath in the cold river.

The municipality is 399 kilometers from Manaus, located on the right bank of the Middle Rio Negro, and is a full plate for travelers.

Known as the international capital of sport fishing, Barcelos has exuberant nature and unique beaches.

Check out the must-see tourist attractions for those who want to know the location:


Big beach

The most famous and visited beach in the city is in front of the municipality’s headquarters, and access is via river taxi. The journey takes less than 3 minutes and costs about R$5 per person (R$10, round trip).

Due to its proximity and large expanse of sand, Praia Grande is the stage for events such as the Praia Grande New Year’s Eve and the Barcelos Ornamental Fish Festival, with musical attractions and lots of entertainment.

Admission is free, and the place has kiosks and tents to serve bathers with bar and restaurant services that serve the delicious fish of the local cuisine.

Mariuá Archipelago

The Mariuá Archipelago has the title of the largest river archipelago in the world and has more than 1,600 islands that form dozens of lakes, streams and flooded forests and, of course, many paradisiacal beaches with white sands that contrast with the mysterious waters of the Rio Negro.

The archipelago was identified by a satellite of the United States Aerospace Agency (NASA) in the 1990s, and since then it has been on the route of tourists in love with nature.


In addition to all this, the municipality of Barcelos has history, it was the first capital of the state of Amazonas, until 1758, when the capital was transferred to Manaus. It is the largest municipality in the Amazon, with 122,476 km², but with a population of only 24,567 inhabitants. Barcelos is surrounded by water on all sides, which gives it unique beauty.

Due to its territorial dimension, if Barcelos were a state in Brazil, it would be larger than several states, such as Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, among others.

But the great highlight of Barcelos is the nature that surrounds it, still in a good state of preservation.

  • In its territory are the Jaú National Park, the Serra do Aracá State Park, the Unini River Resex, the Amanã RDS and a good part of the Mariuá Archipelago.

Thanks to the large amount of water in the region, the vegetation of Barcelos delights the eyes with its beautiful orchids and bromeliads.

How to get

Access to Barcelos is by air, with commercial flights departing from Manaus on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. By river, the departure days of the boats vary and need to be consulted directly at the time of purchase, which can be made at the Port of Manaus, in the center of the capital.

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