According to Harvard, THIS food helps keep the brain healthy

According to Harvard, THIS food helps keep the brain healthy
According to Harvard, THIS food helps keep the brain healthy

We all know that one of the biggest challenges for people today is to maintain a healthy diet, after all, as much as taking care of our health at this level seems very basic, we know that there are many variables. We don’t always find healthy foods the most delicious, for example.

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And often the hottest ones are not healthy at all! All of this creates a daily struggle to try to eat right. Therefore, we have already advanced that a way of trying to maintain a minimally more beneficial is to find something that is a middle ground, that is, considered good for your taste and that still nourishes your body.

Fortunately there are some good options for this. Some people like spinach and kale while others like almonds and walnuts, but if there is one fruit that can help a lot, something that has already been scientifically proven, it is a very famous purple berry. Harvard University conducted some research that found several benefits of blueberries, also known as blueberries.

The study in question was shared by CNBC. Through it, nutritionist Uma Naidoo recommended that people drink from half a glass to a glass of blueberries a day! So, let’s now talk about some of the benefits caused by this food.

Rich in flavonoids

If you’ve never heard this word in your life, know that flavonoids are groups that are present in vegetables and that can offer a number of good things for our health. To give you an idea, there is data showing that they can even reduce the risk of dementia. All this thanks to the properties.

People who rely on them in their diets are less likely to suffer a decline cognitive impairment, according to a survey conducted last year that brought together about 49,000 women and 27,000 men as participants.

It is worth remembering that, in order to activate the properties of the food, it is necessary to eat at least half of a portion and with a certain frequency.

full of antioxidants

These are already better known by everyone, right? Blueberries are rich in this property because of anthocyanins, which is a very specific type of antioxidant.

It is precisely they who are responsible for the dark color of this fruit. They also allow the person who consumes it to have more tolerance to stress, in addition to offering an anti-inflammatory property for the body and brain.

They are rich in fiber

Fibers are very important for our body. Fortunately, blueberries also have them in abundance. They allow an improvement in our body’s microbiome and help make our gut healthier.

they contain folate

This is a very important vitamin that makes neurotransmitters work properly. They are responsible for transporting chemical information to our brain. Therefore, it controls our emotions and cognition as well.

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