14 physical symptoms of ANXIETY that can be overwhelming to your well-being

It’s no secret that anxiety can drastically affect our physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, many people neglect the anxiety symptomsconsequently, only paying attention when they are sick.

It’s quite complicated to deal with you physical symptoms of anxiety, so it’s very important for you to know how to deal with your emotional side and control your physical instincts to have a healthier health.

Matter to you?

It was with this in mind that we selected some physical symptoms of anxiety for you to stay alert and start taking better care of your quality of life and emotional and physical well-being.

14 physical symptoms of anxiety

It is very important that you take care of your physical and mental health so that the stress and anxiety moments of the day do not affect your quality of life.

Here are some physical symptoms of anxiety that you need to stay alert and start looking for an adequate treatment to have a good health of the body and mind.

1 – Increased startle response

People who have physical symptoms of anxiety are easily frightened, because this type of behavior can anticipate unknown threats.

14 physical symptoms of ANXIETY that can be overwhelming to your well-being. (Images: Pexes)

It is very common to meet people with anxiety attacks that present fear and even with a pat on the shoulder.

2 – Tight throat

It is quite common for people with anxiety attacks to have strange sensations when swallowing food and liquids during the day.

This feeling is quite plausible because anxiety attacks can make the throat tighter, thus making it difficult to breathe and eat.

3 – Weak immune system

Showing symptoms of a weak immune system is a great end that the body is suffering from the effects of anxiety.

You will start to experience weakness and other health problems when your anxiety attack is not treated correctly and safely by a professional.

4 – Irregular periods

In fact, anxiety can greatly disrupt your periods and body cycles, including in women.

The anxiety crisis has the ability to affect the hormone release and other types of substances that deregulate the body in a frightening way.

5 – Tremor

Unfortunately, many people suffer from emotional surges and uncontrolled fears due to certain life circumstances.

physical symptoms of anxiety

The appearance of frightening symptoms in various life situations and the body trembling is a great physical sign that the person is suffering from anxiety.

6 – Unregulated appetite

The appetite of a person with an anxiety attack can vary greatly from person to person. That’s because people with uncontrolled anxiety present both lack and abuse of food.

For some people, a bowl of cereal with milk is not enough, while for others, there is no hunger all day.

7 – Excessive sweating

Sweating is a very simple symptom to detect in people who suffer from anxiety attacks and other types of disorders.

There are several people who struggle to eliminate excess sweat from the body, as this type of problem greatly limits people’s physical accommodation.

8 – Heart palpitations

Although the sensation further increases anxiety, heart palpitations seem to be frightening due to the health risk.

physical symptoms of anxiety

Therefore, if you suffer from an anxiety crisis and have heart palpitations, it is very important that you consult your doctor to treat it as soon as possible.

9 – Nausea

Amazingly, the discomfort of anxiety attacks can drastically affect your digestive system and consequently surprise people with nausea.

It is very common to hear from people with seizures anxiety with intestinal problems and constant vomiting sensations.

10 – Discomfort in the stomach

What many people don’t know is that anxiety attacks can actually hit the digestive system.

There are several people who have constipation, diarrhea or even digestive discomfort due to anxiety attacks.

11 – Muscle aches

As well as physical fatigue and headaches, people with anxiety attacks also experience muscle tension, leading to discomfort and increased stress.

physical symptoms of anxiety

The periods can even be long when the anxiety crisis is not treated correctly. Migraine and muscle pain is one of the great physical symptoms of anxiety.

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12 – Physical and mental exhaustion

Physical and mental exhaustion is quite common in people who suffer from anxiety and other types of stress that affect the body.

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There are several day-to-day factors that can feed body and mind fatigue and increase anxiety even more, consequently generating more health problems.

13 – Difficulty sleeping

Accelerated thoughts due to anxiety attacks can be a great enemy for those who want to have a healthy body. sleep better.

In fact, people who experience an anxiety attack report difficulties sleeping and having a rest due to the lack of relaxation in the body.

14 – Shortness of breath

As you already know, oxygen is circulated through the body through the bloodstream.

So when your racing heart increases the blood circulation rateyour breath can grow to provide more energy.

physical symptoms of anxiety

People with anxiety attacks have a lot of shortness of breath due to the effects of changing the body’s behavior.

Would you like to know more about the physical symptoms of anxiety and how can these behaviors take away your well-being? So don’t waste any more time and share with your friends and family these health tips to better deal with anxiety.


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