Practices that help prevent dementia and diabetes

Practices that help prevent dementia and diabetes
Practices that help prevent dementia and diabetes

In the book ”Fighting inflammation”, in free translation ”Fighting inflammation”, several experts discuss ways to increase the quality of life. The objective of the work is to show which habits are essential to reduce the incidence of the most common diseases. Several frames that lead people to death can be avoided when mentality change.

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taking care of health

Asthma, diabetes, allergies and other problems often affect a large part of the world’s population. This situation was studied by some Harvard doctors, resulting in a book with essential tips for you to reduce the fear of aging and have balance. Taking care of your own health now helps to reduce the risks of an old age full of doctor visits and medicines.

If You Want Longer Life, Fight Inflammation

Choose foods with conscience

Create a weekly menu considering your goals and needs, full of fruits and vegetables. Know how to dose the amount of protein and carbohydrate, prioritizing natural products that have antioxidants, promoting the elimination of free radicals.

do physical exercises

Don’t expect to be motivated to get out of bed and go for a run, start slowly respecting your limits. However, be sure to move around and put on some music, as this ensures caloric burn and improves blood circulation.

Keep a healthy weight

Avoid the accumulation of visceral fat, associated with increased cardiovascular problems. Take care of yourself and don’t start to change just thinking about your physical appearance, but how good food and training can promote more energy.

Worry about sleep quality

Sleep well so that your day is fruitful, encouraging the discipline of a routine that has a beginning, middle and end. Fix the posture, the lights and prepare the environment to rest the body before starting the tasks.

Stop smoking

Addiction is a complex issue, but look for mechanisms to give up smoking and overcome this problem. In the long term, tobacco harms your lungs and poses risks to the respiratory system as a whole.

Moderate your alcohol consumption

THE alcoholic beverage, even if consumed weekly, can permanently compromise your metabolism. In addition to disrupting the immune system, some drinks are full of empty calories.

Be careful with stress

Mental health results in compulsive and self-destructive behaviors resulting in complicated crises. Do your best to prevent stress and balance responsibility with fun.

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