Councilor accused of charging patients for SUS exams, in Itamogi – Gerais

Councilor accused of charging patients for SUS exams, in Itamogi – Gerais
Councilor accused of charging patients for SUS exams, in Itamogi – Gerais
The councilor was also an employee of the Health Department and was responsible for scheduling exams (photo: Marco Aurlio Ferreira/ Itamogi City Hall)

Councilwoman Marilyam Mara de Oliveira Souza, accused of charging patients for SUS exams, in Itamogi, in the southern region of Minas Gerais, said that the secretary of health, Priscila Marcomini Dias, knew about the charges. The information was given during a meeting of the City Council this Monday (29/8).

Marilyam informed that Priscila Marcomini Dias, daughter of the current mayor of the city, was not only aware, but consented and signed the paid appointments. The councilor is also an employee of the Health Department.

However, according to Itamogi City Hall, the document presented by the accused shows that the authorization made by the municipal health agency was for payment by the city hall, “according to accreditation, never by the patient.”

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG) informed that the investigations are in progress and will provide more information after the conclusion of the investigative procedure.

City Hall takes a stand

According to the attorney general of Itamogi, Vincius Vieira, the complaint was made by the secretary of health to investigate the case. “In light of this, the mayor set up a commission to investigate the facts and, at the moment, it is in an administrative disciplinary process. We are collecting some due diligence in order to depart for the interrogation of employee Marilyam,” he said.

In addition, Vieira states that the investigated is preventively removed. “All the victims heard confirmed that the councilor charged to speed up the service. In the circumstances, she asked patients to be confidential and warned that the money was forwarded to the doctor or driver in town,” she said.

Regarding the involvement of the municipal health secretary, the city government informed that, due to the absence of evidence of any participation by the public body, “in the absence of an express complaint accompanied by minimal evidence of consent”, there was no reason to remove Priscila.

O State of Mines contacted Marilyan, but still no response.

understand the case

Marilyan was also responsible for scheduling exam appointments. The Health Department of Itamogi became suspicious of the charges, after a patient called the city hall asking for the invoice for the payment of the exam, to declare in the income tax. On August 1st, an investigation was initiated.

The councilor accused of charging for exams that the Municipality of Itamogi would have already paid in full. About 30 victims were heard, who claimed to have delivered the money directly to Marilyan. The average of BRL 500.

In addition, according to the city hall, she even collected the money at the homes of some patients. The case is considered active corruption and PCMG is investigating further information.

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