See the benefits a person with high blood pressure can receive

See the benefits a person with high blood pressure can receive
See the benefits a person with high blood pressure can receive

If the hypertensive patient has sequelae due to the disease, he can even apply for disability retirement (Credit: Pexels)

The most prevalent disease among Brazilians, high blood pressure affects more than 30 million people in the country, according to the Ministry of Health. Hypertension is also the leading cause of death in Brazil.

Despite the danger, it is a silent disease. There are no symptoms for hypertension, before the person suffers a heart attack, for example. Because of this, there are many doubts about the benefits that the bearer of this disease can receive.

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sick pay

Although high blood pressure does not interfere with the worker’s working life, some treatments may entitle him to receive sick pay from the INSS.

Hypertensive patients can guarantee the right to the benefit, but the possibility is intended in some cases that can lead to more complex health problems that require special care, such as stroke.

By disability retirement

If the worker who has suffered brain damage due to high blood pressure is prevented from working, he can apply for disability retirement after undergoing medical examination.

Free medication on SUS

Hypertensive patients need to undergo regular treatment against the disease. The Unified Health System (SUS) distributes these medicines free of charge through the Basic Health Units (UBS). It is enough for the citizen to go to the UBS with an identity document and a medical prescription within the validity of 120 days.

Income Tax Exemption

If hypertension results in a heart problem such as heart or coronary failure, it is possible to request an exemption from paying the Income Tax, according to Law 7,713 of 1988. It is necessary to prove the problem by means of a medical report.

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