10 tips to make the work environment welcoming and promote team well-being | SEGS

10 tips to make the work environment welcoming and promote team well-being | SEGS
10 tips to make the work environment welcoming and promote team well-being | SEGS

It is no longer new to say how much the well-being of employees influences, and a lot, the productivity, results and creativity of the team. A good strategy, which aims at the comfort and happiness of the team, in addition to helping to retain employees, helps to prevent presenteeism and days lost due to illness.

The leadership, together with the people management area, are responsible for thinking about how to improve the environment for the team’s work, and thus ensure that each employee feels valued and cared for. According to the WHO, Brazil is the second country in the Americas with the highest number of depressed people, equivalent to 5.8% of the population, behind only the United States, with 5.9%. Another point of attention is that since 2017, Brazil has the highest rate of people with anxiety disorders in the world. There were already almost 19 million Brazilians with compromised quality of life.

After all this context, you may still wonder why companies should care about the well-being of their employees? One of the many answers I can give you is that a happy person has higher levels of productivity, closes an average of 37% more sales, is more effective in a leadership position, receives a better evaluation, and develops roles with more creativity. These benefits were identified in a study conducted by the University of California, with more than 275,000 participants, and revealed that happiness leads to success in virtually all areas of life, including marriage, health, friendship, community involvement, and in particular, our job, career and business.

Another important data, published by the Gallup Institute, revealed that 60% of Brazilians had feelings of worry throughout the day in 2021.

With all this information, I point out some actions that can collaborate to create a harmonious, welcoming environment and promote the integral well-being of employees. Are they:

– Create a people-oriented culture and mutual respect. A people-oriented company acts according to its purpose at all times, always doing the right thing, is concerned with serving, caring for and understanding the needs of its employees;

– Adopt practices that promote dialogue between leader and led. No need to wait for the performance cycle to chat. The famous “One on One” can create this approach and openness to talk about satisfaction with work, challenges and achievements, but especially how the human being is. Establish a routine that is comfortable for both parties;

– Promote a welcoming atmosphere at each meeting with your team members, so that they feel free to express their opinions honestly. Use questions such as: “What points were not mentioned that you consider to be important for the progress of activities?”; “What do we do that we can look at more closely?”;

– Promote situational humility. When we assume a posture of who doesn’t know everything, we keep our minds curious and open to the new. In this way, it increases synergy and connection with the team, in addition to conveying the message that it’s okay not to know everything;

– Value and give space to learn from mistakes. It is important not to retaliate and to praise the learning that has been understood if something goes wrong, this makes it possible to create a culture of innovation and safety;

– In many areas of work in the home office or hybrid model, the famous Dailys are very common. Daily are daily meetings to improve communication, identify some points of attention and review the day’s activities. The tip is to start by asking “what feeling are people coming with”, and often encourage the camera to open. This makes it possible to perceive how your collaborator is emotionally and even if he is not clear, it is possible to identify any emotional change through his physiognomy;

– Take care of the quality of life of your employees. Do you know the level of happiness and how is the physical and mental health of your employees? Create routines to know this. Carry out a health blitz to find out which employees are overweight, conduct research, create routines such as gymnastics at work, meditation, offer content and awareness on topics that influence health as a whole;

– Approach benefits that help promote physical well-being. Here, it is worth the corporate health benefits they offer, in addition to admission to gyms, access to virtual classes and apps for physical activities, meditation, therapy and nutritional support;

– Celebrate individual and collective achievements and learning. Share the professional recognition, in addition to promoting motivation, which is the valve that boosts productivity, who does not like to see that their work is bringing positive results to the company, in addition to being pleasant to receive a compliment. Spare no praise!

– Respect break times, lunches, start and end of the workday in the home office model. The tip here is for leaders to act by example without scheduling meetings, respecting rest breaks;

*Juliana Dimário Institutional Marketing and Corporate Communications professional, with over 12 years of experience working in large and multinational companies, in the area of ​​engagement and organizational climate, branding, customer journey, corporate communication and product marketing. Member of the Brazilian HR Association. Juliana is Head of People and Culture at CBYK, with an international certification in Positive Psychology from the WholeBeing Institute (in progress), an MBA in Marketing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and a degree in Social Communication from Universidade Metodista.

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