Companies that guarantee the well-being of employees are highlighted in the market

Survey shows that happy workers are 31% more productive and 37% more creative

Bnyou in the In Your Business campaign

Companies that look for alternatives to ensure the well-being of their employees have a great differential in the market, according to the study carried out by the PwC audit, in partnership with the University of Southern California, which showed that happy workers are 31% more productive and 37% more creative. The survey made by the technology company Levee, estimated that the 500 largest companies in Brazil, fail to earn about R$230 million per year due to unproductivity.

For the operational director (COO) of the Bnyou app, Fábio Rigoni, companies have a lot to gain by investing in creative solutions that guarantee the well-being of their employees, such as massage sessions and special care. “A healthy work environment increases the company’s productive capacity, as a happy employee works with more engagement and creativity, which offers even more benefits to the company’s profitability”, he says.

“A healthy work environment increases the productive capacity of the company”- Fábio Rigone, COO of Bnyou

Companies that invest in well-being are those that direct resources to meet the needs of their employees, so the first step is to understand what they really need, outlining what are the most recurrent manifestations within the corporate environment. “It is important for companies to map out their own solutions, but in general, stress reduction, increasing levels of happiness, creativity, satisfaction and team connection, should be priorities. To strengthen these points, a great solution is to create an employee’s day, which can, for example, be a day a week or month when the company offers moments of well-being, such as quick massage, manicure and cut sessions. of hair. Simple and impactful actions that will strengthen the connection between the company and the employee, in addition to guaranteeing the well-being and health of all”, explains the director.

Practical actions to invest in health and well-being in companies

Rigoni says that a healthy work environment is something that must be disseminated and be part of the company’s culture. With that in mind, Bnyou developed the project Bnyou in your company, which brings unique beauty and well-being experiences to the company’s employees. “The project Bnyou in your company was structured with a focus on improving the well-being of employees, enabling, through services such as manicure, hair and massage, moments of self-care that reduce stress, increase the feeling of happiness among teams and generate more connection between employees and the company ”, he explains.

In addition, Rigone points out some tips on how to generate more health and well-being in the routine of companies:

  • Promote health-oriented benefits such as service plans and direct actions such as quick massage, manicure and hair days
  • Seek the company-employee connection by listening to employee needs and dedicating money to well-being
  • Offer the possibility of flexible hours
  • Invest in moments of relaxation
  • Promoting a welcoming environment

Bnyou is one of the fastest growing startups in the country, being a pioneer in facilitating the communication of self-employed professionals in the beauty and wellness sector with their customers. All with comfort and safety. Access: or download the app on your mobile device (available for Android and IOS).

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