What is the UPDATED health status of ESPN journalist Antero Greco, hospitalized with brain cancer?

What is the UPDATED health status of ESPN journalist Antero Greco, hospitalized with brain cancer?
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How is the health of ESPN journalist Antero Greco, hospitalized with brain cancer and more than a year after falling ill on live TV?

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Sports journalist Antero Greco, 67, remains hospitalized at the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital, in São Paulo. Over the weekend, Paulo Soares, his ESPN program partner, wrote a moving text saying goodbye to his friend, diagnosed with brain cancer almost two years ago. In 2011, former basketball player Oscar Schmidt also received a similar diagnosis.

This Sunday’s medical bulletin (12), signed by the medical executive director, Renato Vieira, reports that Greco is in the Semi-Intensive Unit “receiving all the necessary support for the treatment of his clinical condition – which is stable and delicate”. A few days ago, Soares lamented his friend’s health condition.

“He’s in his final days. Brain tumor. He’s been fighting since June 22, but now there’s nothing left to do”, he reported emphatically. “He sleeps deeply, serenely. He doesn’t wake up and doesn’t speak anymore. He feeds through a tube. His vital signs still respond well”, he explained about Antero Greco, who has worked for SBT, Band, and “O Estado de S. Paul”.

What happened to Antero Greco?

In 2022, Greco fell ill live while presenting a program on the sports channel. At the time, the journalist was unable to complete his reasoning and had to leave the studio, being attended to on the spot while still on ESPN. Afterwards, he underwent surgery.

In October, he returned to work, but from home. Last year, upon completing 30 years with the broadcaster, his contract was renewed. On the “SporsCenter” bench, the journalist celebrated his return…

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