Daily consumption of this fruit prevents dementia; see benefits


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Daily consumption of strawberries prevents dementia, study reveals

A study carried out by the University of Cincinnati, in the United States, brought a discovery about a fruit that can help prevent dementia.

To better understand the impact of fruit consumption on cognition, the research involved 30 participants, between 50 and 65 years old, who were overweight and complained of mild cognitive decline.

What prevents dementia?

Published in the scientific journal Nutrientsresearch suggests that the Daily strawberry consumption could be a key to reducing dementia risk in middle-aged individuals.

Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Robert Krikorian, highlights the importance of anthocyanins – antioxidants present in both strawberries and blueberries – in health promotion.

According to Krikorian, “previous studies have already proven the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of strawberry consumption, but little attention has been paid to its cognitive effects until now.”

For 12 weeks, study participants were instructed to consume a strawberry-based powder supplement or a placebo daily. Interestingly, participants were asked to avoid consuming fresh red fruits, in order not to interfere with the results of the study.

What were the results obtained?

Those who consumed the strawberry-based supplement noticed a significant improvement in memory and a reduction in depressive symptoms.

Previous studies have shown that strawberries can reduce insulin levels, although this research did not find improvements in metabolic measures.

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See the benefits of strawberries

How can strawberries help reduce the risk of dementia?

According to Krikorian, the improvement in cognitive function observed may be linked to reduced inflammation in the brainas executive abilities begin to decline in middle age.

Excess abdominal fat, common in cases of insulin resistance and obesity, tends to exacerbate this inflammatory process. Therefore, strawberries, by moderating inflammation, have demonstrated significant potential in combating cognitive decline.

The research highlights the need for future studies with larger samples and different dosages of strawberry supplementation to further explore this link between strawberry consumption and cognitive health.

The study confirms that diet is fundamental to mental health and may be a simple strategy against age-related cognitive decline.

What else to eat to avoid dementia?

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