Herpes, Covid-19 and HPV: check out diseases transmitted by kissing and find out how to protect yourself during Carnival


Joy, music and dance make up the Carnivala more colorful, multicultural time and, for some, a lot of bad luck and kiss on the mouth. It is important, however, to remember that, in addition to fun, the festivities can pose risks to oral health.

According to dental surgeon and doctor of dentistry João Aroucha, professor of the Dentistry course at Estácio Recife, many Diseases can be transmitted through kissing.

“Most of them are short-lived and usually heal on their own. However, complications can occur. Sexually transmitted infections, respiratory diseases and digestive tract problems are among the most common. Saliva droplets can transport viruses, bacteria and fungi from one person to another, making prevention essential”, explained the dentist.

Among the main diseases is mononucleosiswhich, in some patients, does not present symptoms, but can cause fever, body pain, sore throat and cough, according to the specialist.

Several diseases can be transmitted by kissing | Photo: Alfeu Tavares/Folha de Pernambuco

“It is a virus transmitted through saliva. Some people think it’s a cold. Already the syphilis, herpes, HPV, are related to sores that appear in the mouth. When the individual is at this stage, the microorganisms are transmitted to other people”, informed João.

In the case of syphilisthe most common symptoms are mouth sores, fever, body discomfort, headache.

In gonorrhea, another sexually transmitted infection, the symptoms are burning, pain in the throat, swelling in the neck area and even white patches.

“In herpes, there is a sensation of tingling, itching, burning in the mouth, formation of blisters and cracks in the mucous region,” informed the dentist.

After transmission of the fungus Candida albicans, popularly known as “thrush”, more whitish lesions are caused on the tongue and cheek regions, and the appearance of canker sores with a painful sensation. The disease can also be silent for some patients.

Dentist João Aroucha clarified that kissing is not capable of transmitting tooth decay. There is a myth that cavities can be transmitted through kissing, but it is a multifactorial disease and for it to develop, a combination of specific factors is necessary.

“It is necessary for the cariogenic bacteria present in the dental biofilm (bacterial plaque) to ferment the carbohydrates present in food and produce acids that will be responsible for the deterioration of dental structures. However, this process takes time and adequate oral hygiene with brushing and Using dental floss will prevent the development of cavities”, informed the specialist.

Still according to him, the presence of these bacteria in the oral environment, in isolation, will not lead to the development of cavities if the factors mentioned above are not present.

Dental surgeon and doctor of dentistry João Aroucha. Photo: Courtesy

Respiratory diseases
João Aroucha highlights that, in the case of bleeding in the mouth, the transmission of any microorganism that is present may occur. Kissing can also transmit respiratory diseases, such as flu and colds. A Covid-19 and H1N1 are examples.

“As this region of the mouth is also part of the respiratory tract, the microorganisms that are responsible for these diseases are also circulating and there is a considerable risk of being transmitted through kissing,” he informed.

For each disease, there is its own treatment protocol. The guidance is that the patient seeks a health professional, is examined and follows the recommendations.

“Hygiene will be people’s greatest ally during this period. Brushing your teeth well and using dental floss is essential. Stay hydrated, drink water to prevent the mucous membrane from drying out and contamination. Exposure to the sun dries out the lips, can cause injuries or cracks and transmit a disease or be contaminated during kissing. That’s why it’s important to use lip sunscreen to maintain hydration”, highlighted the dentist, who also mentioned other diseases transmitted by kissing, such as mumps, chickenpox and digestive diseases that cause stomach pain, cramps and diarrhea.

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