What is the rupture of the cul-de-sac, which killed a young man?


Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos, a 19-year-old woman who died after an encounter with football player Dimas Cândido de Oliveira Filho, 18, suffered a laceration in the region called the bottom of the Douglas sac, a cavity close to the vagina area . This type of rupture is rare and considered very serious. The case happened on the night of Tuesday 30th, in Tatuapé, east of the capital of São Paulo.

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After the meeting at the apartment of the under-20 athlete from Corinthians, Livia was admitted to the health unit with heavy bleeding in her private parts. According to the Civil Police, the Samu rescue team found the young woman bleeding a lot and already in cardiorespiratory arrest.

According to the police report, Lívia died after suffering four cardiac arrests and losing a lot of blood due to a five-centimeter fissure in her vagina.

The death certificate specifies “Douglas cul-de-sac rupture extending to the left vaginal wall”.

Illustration/ Douglas Bag Bottom

Types of lacerations

Gynecologist and obstetrician Israelita Lacerda says that this tear can occur in “more intense and deeper” sexual relations.

“There are several types of lacerations: superficial, which are more common, and deeper, which is the case with the cul-de-sac; These are rare, but very serious”, informed the doctor.

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She explains that the rupture can lead to intense bleeding, which can come out through the vagina or accumulate in the abdominal region, causing pelvic pain.

“After more vigorous sexual intercourse, if there is more intense bleeding, it is important to seek quick medical help, as acting at the right time can avoid serious consequences”, warned the specialist.

See the gynecologist’s explanation about Lívia’s case:

First date

The player told the police that he met Lívia through Instagram. On Tuesday the 30th, they had their first date.

Military police officers reported that there was blood on the floor of Oliveira’s property, as well as blood-stained towels and sheets.

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In the statement, the athlete stated that the two had sexual intercourse and spoke afterwards. When they went for the second relationship, he would have noticed that Lívia had fainted. At this moment, he called Samu.

To her parents, the young woman had said that she would go out to dinner with a friend and watch the Corinthians and São Paulo game. But, at 7:40 pm, the victim’s family received a call from a nurse receiving the news about their daughter.

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