Nasal decongestants can leave children in a coma; understand alert

Nasal decongestants can leave children in a coma; understand alert
Nasal decongestants can leave children in a coma; understand alert

The number of cases of poisoning of children due to the use of nasal decongestants rose from 94 to 108 between 2022 and 2023, according to data from the Ciatox (Toxicological Information and Assistance Center) at Unicamp. You effects of medicines exclusive for adults can affect the brain and nervous system of minors and lead them to coma.

According to the assistant pediatrician, Camila Pradothe worst situations are perceived in small children. “What can happen at first, lightly, is the elevation of blood pressure. But this does not require medication. O more serious condition It’s in the brain and central nervous system. A child cannot breathe properly and ends up in a coma”, he details.

What to use, then, in children’s nasal treatment?

For this reason, It is recommended that parents or guardians use saline solution in younger children, as pediatric decongestants are only used for patients over 10 years old and who have received medical advice. The warning is from pharmacist, Thiago Ferreira, which reminds us that the adverse cause in minors is a substance present in these products.

“Most of them are with doctor’s prescription. O naphazoline hydrochloride can cause side effects that we don’t want. Under 10 years old, only saline solution is recommendedwhich can be used at will”, he says.

How does nasal decongestant poisoning happen?

Based on data on poisoned children treated in the emergency room of the HC (Hospital de Clínicas) of Unicampthe conditions develop after the consumption by mistakewhen parents get confused thinking that it is saline solution, and also unfamiliarityin cases where those responsible are not aware of the restrictions and risks of use without a pediatric indication.

Ciatox, however, highlights that Many admissions to the health unit were caused by the child’s own usea situation that can be avoided with the proper storage and the medication monitoring by an adult.

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