‘As if I had won the World Cup’

‘As if I had won the World Cup’
‘As if I had won the World Cup’

Marcos Antônio Cavalcante Braga de Oliveira always dreamed of studying medicine at university. Entering the healthcare field was a desire he had since childhood, both because of his vocation and because of his family’s encouragement. He just didn’t imagine that, at just 17 years old, in his first time taking the Enem test officially, he would fulfill the dream he had had all his life. And more than that – it would be approved in 1st place in the medical course from the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG).

“I was very happy, something I can’t explain. As if I had won the World Cup, surreal”, said Marcos Antônio, when talking about his reaction upon receiving the result of his approval.


The young man, who completed high school at a private school, says that he had already taken the Enem test twice before for experience, when he was still studying the first and second year of high school.

The subject I dedicated the most to was certainly mathematics, as this subject is one of the most comprehensive and most valuable in the exam.”, admitted Marcos, who scored 904.3 in mathematics.

When talking about the feeling he had during and after the test, the boy says that despite having felt that famous butterflies in his stomach before taking the Enem, he knew it was something natural in the situation. “The important thing is to be aware that you did your best. And after the race I was relatively anxious about what was to come, I knew I had done a good race, but I didn’t imagine first place would come”.

Approved in 1st place in medicine shows success in Enem 2023

Marcos Antônio, who achieved an overall average of 868.75 on Enem, also talks about the difficult parts of the preparation process he went through to achieve the much-desired result and opens up about what he had to give up to prioritize his studies. He, who spent a lot of his free time playing online games, gave up the habit almost completely so he could study in a focused way, in addition to stopping going to many events and shows that he liked.

Despite this, Marcos says he doesn’t think it was an exhausting period, as he still set aside some time to spend with his friends and follow social media.

For those who are still going to try or are trying to take Enem with the dream of studying medicine at a public university, the person approved in 1st place keeps no secrets and says that constancy and commitment to the study routine is the main thing, in addition to always prioritizing solve questions that follow the Enem style.

When he talks about his expectations for the beginning of his university journey, Marcos Antônio does not hide his happiness and optimism. “I always dreamed of this moment, and achieving it for me is very gratifying.”

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