7 reasons to include squats in your exercise routine

7 reasons to include squats in your exercise routine
7 reasons to include squats in your exercise routine

Squats are an exercise with benefits for the entire body | Photo: (fizkes | Shutterstock)

If you’ve spent any time researching effective and multifunctional activities for the body, you’ve definitely come across squats. This classic exercise, loved by some and feared by others, is much more than just a way to work your legs.

In fact, squats offer an impressive range of full-body benefits. But what makes squats such a special exercise and why should they be an indispensable part of your workout routine? Check out 7 reasons below!

1. Muscle strengthening

Squats are true allies in building muscle. Focus on us quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and core. But the difference is that, when performing a squat with correct form, the core is stabilized to protect the spine during the movement, making it a complete exercise.

“By developing strong, well-trained muscles, you improve motor control, allowing for more precise and coordinated movements. This control is fundamental for activities that require balance and coordination, contributing to effective mobility in everyday life”, explains Dr. Davi Gusmão, orthopedist and hip specialist.

two. Improved mobility and flexibility

When you squat, you work on the extension and flexion of your hip, knee and ankle joints, which can significantly increase your mobility in these areas. The key is the depth of the squat: the deeper you can go (with good range), the more you work on your mobility, a crucial aspect especially as we age, to maintain joint functionality.

“Mobility is essential for more complex movements, such as physical exercises and even for simple daily activities such as lifting objects, reaching shelves and squatting. Furthermore, good mobility reduces the risk of injuries, as when the joints have a full range of motion, there is less likelihood of undue tension occurring in the muscles and ligaments during physical activities”, says Dr. Davi Gusmão.

Squats work many muscles at the same time, making them ideal for burning calories (Image: Prostock-studio | Shutterstock)

3. Favors weight loss

Squats are incredibly efficient at burning calories because they work many muscles at once, increasing your metabolism during and after exercise. Plus, by building more muscle, you increase your basal metabolism, which means you burn more calories even at rest.

4. Improved posture and balance and the core

Squatting strengthens your core, essential for a good posture and balance. A strong core helps keep your spine aligned, preventing back pain and improving overall posture. Furthermore, optimized balance makes daily activities and other exercises performed more safely and effectively.

Bernardo Sampaio, physiotherapist and clinical director of ITC Vertebral de Guarulhos, explains that strengthening the core also provides other advantages. “A strengthened core increases power and improves movement efficiency; With improved balance, the risk of injury gradually decreases and, in addition, it provides notable improvements in the nervous and muscular cooperating system,” he says.

5. Benefits for bone health

When you perform squats, you apply load to the bones in your spine, hips, and legs, which can stimulate bone growth. This stimulus helps prevent osteoporosis and increase bone mineral density. In fact, resistance exercises such as squats are essential for bone health at all ages.

6. Democratic and versatile

Squats are democratic: you don’t need equipment, can be done anywhere and adapt to all fitness levels. Plus, there are several variations (weighted squats, sumo squats, Bulgarian squats) to keep your workout routine varied.

7. Positive impact on functional capacity

Squatting improves your ability to perform everyday activities, such as picking up something heavy from the floor or getting up from a chair, with less effort and more efficiency. improving mobility. This is particularly important as we age, maintaining our independence and quality of life.

“As we age, mobility becomes even more crucial, contributing to preserving functional independence. The lack of adequate mobility impairs blood circulation and the delivery of essential nutrients to muscle and joint cells, increasing stiffness and degeneration”, warns Dr. Davi Gusmão.

Now that you know how powerful squats are, how about including them in your routine and reap all these benefits? Remember: the key is correct form, so don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance to get started on the right foot!

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