Eight wellness trends for 2024 you need to know


Wellness crazes catch on incredibly quickly. And every beginning of the year we talk about the trends in this universe. What’s the most curious thing coming? Well, there are many curious, consumerist and standardized predictions – I mean, aesthetically speaking. But what interests me – and I imagine it also interests you – is knowing those that do really well and, preferably, can be adapted in a democratic way. These are conscious wellness trends.

I selected eight that could yield good news (or reinforce and motivate those who already follow) for 2024!

Genderless beauty

The term “genderless” (genderless) is already being absorbed by all areas of consumption. In the beauty and personal hygiene sector, it translates into products and solutions without precise indications for the female public.

More minimalist packaging or with democratic elements, formulas that meet all characteristics, multifunctionality and, above all, visual and verbal communication that welcomes movement. The brands Simple Organic, Sallve, Dailus Lab are examples that have already advanced on the topic.


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Therapeutic mushrooms

What was previously seen as ancestral knowledge and was limited to the universe of psychedelics and forest medicine enthusiasts is now validated by science: mushrooms have super power. Not one, several.

The documentary series How to Change Your Mind, from Netflix, had already highlighted the study of psychedelics as an alternative to antidepressants. Now the idea of ​​using microdoses for therapeutic purposes (from relaxation to creativity) is beginning to emerge from the bubble and promises to become popular – with the curious eyes of the internet and the attentive eyes of the medical community. Anvisa has still been an obstacle to the dissemination of all types: magical and medicinal. Much of it is not released in Brazil. It is worth following updates about the movement through national initiatives such as Mushin.

Body Care for Conscious Wellbeing

For those who only think about the face when they hear skincare, you can expand the idea: “All bodies will become creamier and better cared for in 2024”, warns the Pinterest report and consumption forecasts. According to the document, generation Z and boomers will show that skincare isn’t just about the face, and that spa-worthy rituals deserve more space in our routines. Between cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen, you’ll still have time to relax.

To adapt the idea in a more holistic way, we don’t need to limit ourselves to products: self-massages, saunas, foot baths, natural exfoliations and even the famous cold bath (another trend mentioned below) take care of the outside in.

Slow down & ritualize for greater well-being

The proposal will be to take it easy and go slower. Enjoy leisure, your own company or that of friends – at any time. According to Pinterest’s annual report, generation Z and millennials will look for relaxation practices to do at home, but also ideas for trips and outings in which the only commitment is to rest.

In the same wave, ritual practices, or even the ritualization of everyday life, begin to attract more followers. Here, I brought the theme in this column. I even mentioned the manifesto “more rituals, less things” and the oracle Deck of Rituals, launched precisely to inspire a more intentional and present life.


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From an ice-cold bath to ice immersion

After the ice bath craze at 5am, the new wellness craze is immersing yourself in ice baths. The reason for the first is that with the water temperature lower than that of the body, the body begins to work on body thermal regulation, which improves blood circulation. There are those who take it every day, but repeated practice 2x or 3x a week already brings other benefits such as speeding up metabolism, relief from pain and swelling.

But what about the ice? Immersion in ice is an ancient practice, very common among athletes for muscle recovery and also relieves heat. If last year it was seen as a craze, now it is seen as a trend: events, immersions and even studios that provide the experience are beginning to appear. The good news is that you can get a taste of the benefits of the shower experience at home with very cold water, right!

Longevity and the Blue Zone Diets

The topic has been viewed from different perspectives and influenced different practices – including other trends. Beauty, skincare, health, exercise, behavior and even diets. Everything promises to be designed to contribute to a more lasting and less immediate well-being. I read in Forbes the other day that it will be the year of Blue Zones Diets 2024 aimed at longevity, as there is a lot of evidence that people who live in blue zones around the world live longer than average due to their diet and lifestyle .


Good reasons to adopt an optimistic stance in 2024

Sustainable tourism, which combines environmental conservation, respectful interaction with local cultures and financially benefits regional communities, has been growing in proportion to the expansion of travelers’ awareness.

Vivalá, which designs, carries out and guides trips with diverse experiences, and has grown tenfold in the last three years, the Amazon, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest biomes, in experiences with indigenous, riverside and quilombola communities, are the targets of the moment. “People want to have deeper experiences that are transformative for them and that generate a positive impact on the world”, says Daniel Cabrera, co-founder and executive director of Vivalá Turismo Sustentável in Brazil.

It is worth remembering that sustainable tourism is not limited to a destination with beautiful natural landscapes: how we relate to the space that surrounds us and even the trashwaste we generate on vacation are equally important pillars and not just the responsibility of those (inn, agency travel etc) welcomes us.

Sustainable Beauty Outside the Bubble for Wellbeing

It’s not enough to be natural. Not just vegan. Phrases like these have been repeated for years by enthusiasts of the more responsible beauty movement. But now the demand has expanded: if it is to be called conscious and sustainable, the beauty of the new era needs to respect the beginning of the chain: the soil. Just like our skin. Care in the same proportion.

It’s no surprise that sustainable beauty is mentioned as a macro trend in the latest report from trend bureau WGSN. According to the document, in the packaging sector, active materials that emit beneficial substances to the soil in their composting process – such as potassium and nitrogen – will gain more and more space. Tip: were you enchanted by a natural brand? Find out about suppliers and the production chain!

For those who are already familiar with the movements above, you may think “what do you mean, trend!”. Think about it, it’s what we’ve all been looking for and practicing for a while now, leaving the bubble. In fact, with accelerated information, the present and future are imagetically closer.


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