CGU investigation did not free Bolsonaro in the vaccine card case | Brazil

CGU investigation did not free Bolsonaro in the vaccine card case | Brazil
CGU investigation did not free Bolsonaro in the vaccine card case | Brazil
Jair Bolsonaro, former president of BrazilReproduction / TV Globo

Published 02/02/2024 15:54 | Updated 02/02/2024 15:58

Brasília – Video misleads by citing investigation filing into former president Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) vaccination card. The Federal Comptroller General (CGU) considered that Bolsonaro’s vaccination record was false and recommended the end of the investigation that investigated the participation of a public servant in entering data. This decision does not free Bolsonaro. On the contrary, it makes clear the falsity of the data. Another investigation, into two other vaccine records on Bolsonaro’s card, continues at the Federal Police.

Investigated content: Video in which a person, already investigated by Comprova on another occasion, echoes the supposed shelving of the investigation into former president Jair Bolsonaro’s vaccination card. The person cites an investigation by the General Comptroller of the Union (CGU) and implies that the action freed the former president from irregularities. The author of the video also says that “they said that he (Jair Bolsonaro) vaccinated to be able to enter there (in the United States). That’s a lie, look. They saw that the vaccination card is fake.”

Where was it published: TikTok and X.

Conclusion of Comprova: Social media posts claiming that the CGU freed Jair Bolsonaro from accusations of irregularities by shelving the investigation into his vaccination card are misleading. The agency, in fact, shelved the investigation that attempted to determine whether a federal public servant tampered with the document, but concluded that the record was false.

On January 19, the CGU concluded investigations into a coronavirus vaccination record entered into the São Paulo State Department of Health system. The agency pointed out that the registration of an application at UBS Parque Peruche, in the north of the city, was false.

As disclosed in an official note, due diligence was carried out at the Ministry of Health (MS) and the security of the system maintained by the department was confirmed, confirming the impossibility of the registration having been made through the system maintained by the federal agency. The examination also aimed to verify the possible participation of any federal public servant in the events for possible liability. Nothing was found in this regard.

Therefore, the CGU concluded that the supposed vaccine application to Bolsonaro was entered fraudulently through the state vaccination registration system against Covid-19, in São Paulo. Such a conclusion does not signal Bolsonaro’s “deliverance”, as mentioned in the posts investigated. The CGU’s conclusion only confirms the non-involvement of Ministry of Health employees in falsifying the former president’s vaccination document.

There is also another ongoing investigation into Bolsonaro’s vaccination card. It is being carried out by the Federal Police (PF), which is investigating suspected irregularities in two other immunization records, allegedly made in Duque de Caxias (RJ). This is the case that accuses the former president of crimes in the fraud of his vaccination record and which was widely publicized.

In a technical note released, the CGU informed that it may reopen its investigation if the evidence eventually received indicates the possible involvement of an agent with ties to the federal government.

The CGU was contacted by Comprova and confirmed the information released through official means to date. Also in response to Comprova, the PF said that it does not comment on possible ongoing investigations.

Misleading, for Comprova, is content taken from the original context and used in another in such a way that its meaning changes; that uses inaccurate data or that leads to an interpretation different from the intention of its author; content that confuses, with or without the deliberate intent to cause harm.

Publication reach: Comprova investigates suspicious content with the greatest reach on social media. As of January 26th, the video had reached 62.9 thousand views and 6.6 thousand likes on the social network X, and on TikTok it had been viewed 5.9 thousand times.

How we check: To find information on the subject, Comprova carried out searches for content with the words “Bolsonaro vaccine card, CGU and Federal Police”. From this, we accessed official documents from the federal government, such as the Technical Note that supported the CGU’s decision, as well as information from the PF on the investigation into the insertion of false vaccination data into Health systems.

In addition, journalistic reports were found reporting the progress of the investigations. For example, Agência Brasil, g1, O Globo and Folha.

With this, it was possible to locate news and publications, from different sources, with extensive material on the subject. The investigation also sought the General Comptroller of the Union and the Federal Police to confirm the verified data.

Origin of facts

On May 3, 2023, Federal Supreme Court Minister Alexandre de Moraes authorized searches to be carried out at addresses belonging to Bolsonaro and other people in an investigation into possible fraud with Jair Bolsonaro’s vaccination cards. The suspicion was raised after the breach of confidentiality by Bolsonaro’s aide-de-camp, Army Colonel Mauro Cid, during the Inquiry 4878 process.

This investigation investigates the alleged leak, by the then President of the Republic, of confidential data related to a Federal Police investigation into electronic voting machines. According to the PF, the alleged fraud in the former president’s records was carried out to ensure that he could travel to the United States after leaving office. At the time, the US required travelers to prove their immunization against Covid.

According to information from the Ministry of Health, a municipal secretary from Duque de Caxias (RJ) would have been responsible for including vaccination data on Bolsonaro’s behalf. However, the former president was not in that city on 08/13/2022, the date of the supposed application of the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Additional data from the Ministry of Health brought new evidence of false insertions related to people close to the former president.


Investigations regarding the former president’s vaccination card began to be carried out in 2023. In total there are two investigations, one completed and the other ongoing:

Comptroller General of the Union: The CGU concluded that Bolsonaro’s vaccination record on the card was false. The investigation did not identify the perpetrators of the fraud, but pointed out that it occurred in the VaciVida system, run by the São Paulo State Department of Health.

Federal Police: The PF, under the supervision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), is investigating the possible insertion of false data on Bolsonaro’s and other people’s vaccination cards. The investigation is still ongoing.
The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) monitors the PF’s investigations and can file charges against those responsible for the fraud, if they are found.

CGU investigation into Bolsonaro’s vaccination

The CGU investigation, which concluded that the record of immunization against Covid-19 on Bolsonaro’s vaccination card is false, began at the end of 2022.

Data from the Ministry of Health indicated that the former president would have been vaccinated on July 19, 2021 at UBS Parque Peruche, in the north of São Paulo, a date that was not even in the city.

The CGU was responsible for investigating whether Bolsonaro’s card had been tampered with to include the dose against the disease, a suspicion that was confirmed.

During the investigation, the auditors heard the testimony of the nurse indicated on the vaccination card as administering the vaccine, but she denied having carried out such a procedure. And she also stated that she no longer worked at the Unit on that date, which was confirmed by documents.

Interviews were also made with employees working at the UBS on the day, but all of them denied having seen the former President of the Republic there. Likewise, they denied knowing any request made to register the immunization of the then head of the Executive Branch. The statements were corroborated by the analysis of the physical books maintained by the UBS to record the vaccination of the population.

Furthermore, the CGU found that Bolsonaro was not in the capital of São Paulo on that date and that the vaccination batch that appeared in the Ministry of Health’s system was not available on that date at the UBS where the immunization would have taken place. According to the agency, records from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) show that the former president flew from São Paulo to Brasília the day before the supposed vaccination and did not make any other flights until at least July 22, 2021.

Therefore, the conclusion of the investigation pointed to fraud in the state vaccination registration system. Because all UBS employees share the same login and password for the VaciVida system, maintained by the São Paulo State Health Department, it became impossible to determine which server was responsible.

Federal Police investigation is ongoing

On May 3, 2023, the PF announced that it was carrying out Operation Venire, to clarify the activities of a criminal association formed to commit the crimes of inserting false vaccination data against Covid-19 in the Information System of the National Immunization Program (SIPNI) and in the National Health Data Network (RNDS) of the Ministry of Health.

Jair Bolsonaro and 25 other people became the target of the investigation, after Alexandre de Moraes authorized the operation. Since then, the PF has been investigating the case.

The opening of such an operation was the result of two suspicious pieces of information inserted into the vaccination cards of a group of people, including the former president – ​​vaccines would have been administered to Jair Bolsonaro at the Municipal Health Center of Duque de Caxias, on August 13 and October 14, 2022.

The investigation is still ongoing and, according to the PF, the investigation indicates that the group’s objective would be to keep the identity element cohesive in relation to its ideological agendas, in this case, to sustain the discourse aimed at attacks on vaccination against Covid-19, at the same time that they could circumvent health restrictions.

What the person responsible for publishing says: Comprova was unable to contact the author of the misleading post, as contacts on social networks are blocked/restricted.

What can we learn from this check: The author of the post uses out-of-context information to confuse and deceive the public accessing the content. Involving real facts and making misleading interpretations are common profiling practices that tend to spread misinformation. When accessing content of this type, it is worth consulting official bodies and press outlets you trust.

Why we investigate: Comprova monitors suspicious content published on social networks and messaging applications about public policies and elections at the federal level and opens investigations into those publications that have greater reach and engagement. You can also suggest checks via WhatsApp +55 11 97045-4984.

Other checks on the topic: Content related to presidents and former presidents is a constant target of misinformation. In other checks, Comprova found that in mid-2023, contrary to what posts on social networks stated, the PF had not closed the investigation into Saudi jewelry; also verified a video that deceives by saying that Bolsonaro is not ineligible because of an international treaty.


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