Check out exercises to prepare for the festivities

Check out exercises to prepare for the festivities
Check out exercises to prepare for the festivities
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Countdown to Carnival 2024: Check out exercises to prepare for the festivities

Are you going to enjoy the blog all day? How about feeling full of energy in a healthy way instead of just relying on energy drinks to start your merrymaking in the morning? Practicing physical exercise helps prepare you to endure a full day of Carnival.

“At all times, stretching is your best friend for maintaining or developing flexibility, as well as being good for maintaining and restoring the normal balance of muscles, tendons and ligaments”, explains Ronaldo Godoi, physical educator and CEO of Red Fitness, gym network.

With this in mind, the physical educator listed some options that can help you feel refreshed before, during and after the festivities:

Cardiorespiratory exercises

Running, walking, cycling, treadmill, dancing, a functional circuit or hit (which works with moderate and high intensity providing not only caloric expenditure, but also an excellent cardiorespiratory condition). “As long as you are well guided by a physical educator, you can carry out these physical activities up to three times a week.”, advises Ronaldo.


Here the recommendation is to invest in squats, leg presses, Bulgarian presses, stiff presses and lunges. “Bodybuilding increases the volume of muscle fibers, providing more strength. Training even contributes to maintaining mobility. With proper guidance, it prevents injuries, improves posture and physical conditioning. For Carnival, it is important to be more concerned about the lower limbs, as they will be the most requested during this period of festivities, parades and carnival groups.”, advises Godoi.

Ronaldo warns that the load is very individual and depends on the physical condition of each individual, in addition to always having a physical educator nearby for better guidance and to avoid injuries.

Tips for prettier legs

Among the most common desires is to show off more beautiful and well-groomed legs during the party. Vascular and endovascular surgeon Gustavo Franklin suggests 5 valuable tips to improve the appearance of your legs until the holidays arrive.

1. Increase the frequency of physical activities
: move more, if you already exercise, increase the frequency. Moving more in your routine also helps, taking more stairs instead of the elevator, leaving the car and walking to the supermarket, moving better will improve circulation and help eliminate accumulated fluids that could be causing swelling;

2. Drink more water
: That tip about keeping a bottle of water by your side all day is super valid, especially when you’re looking to eliminate swelling and improve circulation, which will help you have more beautiful legs. Invest in at least 2L per day, or even a little more if you can;

3. Stop consuming inflammatory foods, such as sugar, fried foods, ultra-processed foods
: this type of food also promotes swelling, in this final stretch, cutting them out for a while will also help you notice the contours of your legs better;

4. Practice leg exercises
: In bodybuilding, you can intensify your leg training, obviously guided by a professional in the field, in addition to increasing the frequency of training. If you don’t yet practice other lower limb activities, you can start walking more or, perhaps, start running, cycling or swimming. Everyone will move their lower limbs well, but always remember to seek professional guidance to start. In addition to the aesthetic issue, there are already studies that have shown that a higher level of muscle mass even increases protection against dementia diseases and, in this context, the lower limbs are fundamental for housing muscles and improving quality of life, as they protect joints, improve blood return and mobility.

5. Invest in treatments
: Currently there are treatments that, in some cases, can bring lasting results in the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins, without the need for rest. In some cases, lymphatic drainage sessions can also help. Consult an angiologist or vascular surgeon to evaluate your case and propose an appropriate approach.

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