Hydration room opens in BH hospital to treat dengue cases

Hydration room opens in BH hospital to treat dengue cases
Hydration room opens in BH hospital to treat dengue cases

The second hydration center in the capital was opened this Friday (2). The location is open at Hospital Júlia Kubitschek, in Bairro Milionários, in the Barreiro Region, from 7am to 7pm, every day of the week. There are 21 chairs for treating dengue patients who need to receive intravenous hydration and 30 chairs for oral hydration.

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In a press conference, the Secretary of State for Health Fábio Baccheretti informed that the space has the capacity to serve 300 people daily. There are 12 infirmary beds and 30 intensive care beds exclusively for the treatment of arboviruses. The health unit’s maternity ward was also equipped to care for pregnant women with dengue, chikungunya or zika.

“Here, the patient, upon arrival, receives a glass to begin oral hydration. Depending on the severity classification, whether it is dengue A, B, C or D, it is referred to intravenous hydration. After that, he can be discharged or, depending on the severity, he is sent to the infirmary or ICU beds”, explained Baccheretti.

To reinforce the team, an emergency public call was published this Thursday (1/2) to hire at least 50 professionals for the Júlia Kubitschek Hospital – including nurses, nursing technicians, pharmacy technicians and pathology technicians. clinic. Information about vacancies can be accessed on the Fhemig website, available at this link.

Until yesterday, according to the epidemiological bulletin from the Municipal Health Department, the capital had already registered 1,414 cases of dengue and two deaths. Furthermore, there were still 7,647 tests pending results. The Barreiro region has the most confirmed cases of dengue fever – as of yesterday afternoon, there were 322 infections caused by the disease.

More reinforcement in the fight against dengue

Yesterday (1), the Arbovirus Service Center for the Central-South Region (CAA) began operating. Another unit will open this Saturday (3/2) in the Venda Nova region. On Monday (5), the second Volume Replacement Unit (URV) will come into operation, also in the Center-South. Check the full addresses at the end of the article.

Specific units will be open every day of the week and opening hours may be gradually extended, reaching 24 hours a day, depending on care demand.

This Saturday (3/2) and Sunday (4/2), the health centers in the neighborhoods of Carlos Renato Dias (Barreiro), Vera Cruz (East), São Paulo (Northeast), Aarão Reis (North), Betânia (West) and Rio Branco (Venda Nova) will operate from 7am to 7pm, as a backup for the UPAs to serve, as a priority, people with symptoms of dengue, chikungunya and zika.

Check the addresses of specific arbovirus care units

  • Volume Replacement Unit (URV) of Júlia Kubitschek Hospital – Rua Doutor Cristiano Resende, 2,745, Milionários neighborhood
  • Volemic Replacement Unit (URV) Central-South – Rua Domingos Vieira, 488, Santa Efigênia neighborhood
  • Arbovirus Service Center (CAA) Central-South – Rua Domingos Vieira, 488, Santa Efigênia neighborhood.
  • Arbovirus Service Center (CAA) Venda Nova – Rua Padre Pedro Pinto, 173, São Tomaz neighborhood

Check the addresses of health centers that are open this weekend

  • Barreiro Region: Carlos Renato Dias Health Center: Rua José Gonçalves, 375, Barreiro.
  • East Regional: Vera Cruz Health Center: Praça Padre Léo Verheyen, 36 (Former Praça Pedro Lessa), Vera Cruz.
  • Regional northeast: São Paulo Health Center: Rua Aiuroca, 455, São Paulo
  • North Regional: Aarão Reis Health Center: Rua Waldomiro Lobo, 177, Aarão Reis
  • West Regional: Betânia Health Center: Rua Canoas, 678, Betânia
  • Venda Nova Regional: Rio Branco Health Center: Rua Crisanto Muniz, 120, Rio Branco

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