Search for dengue vaccine in the private network increases up to 300% in SC


Private vaccination clinics registered a significant increase in the search for dengue vaccines last week in Santa Catarina. The State has been facing a boom of the diseasewith an increase of 646.5% in the number of probable cases in January, compared to the same period last year.

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Although the Ministry of Health announced last week the distribution, by SUS, of 720 thousand doses of the Qdenga immunizer, offered by the Japanese laboratory Takeda Pharma, only 13 municipalities in the North of the State will be considered in this first shipment. The target audience is children and teenagers aged 10 to 14.

However, the same vaccine can be purchased privately. The vaccination schedule is two doses, with an interval of three months between doses. According to a survey carried out by NSCTotaleach dose can be purchased for prices ranging between R$299 and R$599 in clinics in Santa Catarina.

The Immunizar clinic, which has three units in Greater Florianópolis, recorded an increase of around 300% in the search for this vaccine in the last week. The same growth was noted in the Panvel network, which offers the vaccine in 14 stores, distributed in 12 cities in Santa Catarina.

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The Tio Cecim clinic, in Florianópolis, vaccinated 68 people between January 22nd and 30th. On average, the institution vaccinates 110 people per month.

— We have had a huge increase in demand for the dengue vaccine since last year. But this last week we noticed an even greater increase, certainly at least 50% — says Mariana Sprotte, technical nurse responsible for Primme Vacinas, which serves Greater Florianópolis and Balneário Camboriú.

Climate crisis and El Niño contribute to dengue “boom” in SC, experts say

How to get the dengue vaccine in the private network in SC

Dengue vaccine can be taken for R$ 299, each dose (Photo: Primme Vacinas, Disclosure)

Approved by Anvisa in March last year, the Qdenga vaccine is intended for people aged four to 60, regardless of whether they have already been infected or not. In clinical studies, the two doses demonstrated an overall effectiveness of 80.2% in preventing contamination, and 90.4% in preventing serious cases.

According to the leaflet, the vaccine must only be sold with a medical prescription. However, as the vaccine was recently approved for distribution via SUS, its indication by Anvisa is broad and many vaccination sites have doctors who carry out the screening, therefore, it is common for clinics to waive the need for a prior prescription. It is worth checking the need for a prescription with the vaccination clinic in advance.

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Like all live virus vaccines, Qdenga is contraindicated for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, as well as people with primary or acquired immunodeficiencies and individuals who had a hypersensitivity reaction to the previous dose. Women of childbearing age who intend to become pregnant should be advised to use contraceptive methods for a period of 30 days after vaccination.

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