Sesapi launches STI prevention campaign at Carnival 2024


The State Department of Health (Sesapi), through the Coordination of Communicable Diseases, will carry out a Campaign to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections during Carnival 2024, from February 10th to 13th.

The campaign already has a technical note on the State Department of Health website containing guidance to municipalities on what actions they should take to carry out the activities.

Health education actions, blitz, lectures, rapid testing and distribution of lubricating gel, prevention supplies, folders and posters will be carried out.

For sesapi’s STI coordinator, Karina Amorim, this year’s theme continues to be “prevention is still the best choice”.

“Because of this, Sesapi will facilitate and encourage access to condoms for everyone, without bureaucracy, especially the population in more vulnerable situations”, says the coordinator.

According to the superintendent of health care and municipalities, Leila Santos, it is important to give the population access to means of preventing STIs.

“We need to focus on prevention because sexually transmitted diseases continue to kill. In 2023 alone, there were 857 new cases of HIV/AIDS in adults in Piauí”, says the superintendent.

The article is in Portuguese

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