Find out what changes will contribute to mental health within the business environment

Find out what changes will contribute to mental health within the business environment
Find out what changes will contribute to mental health within the business environment

For entrepreneurs, the ups and downs of a business can affect the manager’s mental health and even the health of employees and the business itself, depending on how the challenges are handled. According to a survey carried out by Inc., with 1,500 leaders of American companies, 36% developed anxiety when becoming leaders, 9% reported depression and 3% attributed the role to causing or worsening substance use. These data reinforce that well-being must be prioritized in these environments. Therefore, businessman, speaker and management consultant Fabiano Azevedo shares tips for structural changes within the work environment that will contribute to collective well-being.

The reality in Brazil is not very different, according to research carried out by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in partnership with the Troposlab accelerator. In a study that analyzed entrepreneurs during the pandemic, it was pointed out that, among 50 million entrepreneurs in the country, around 13.8% entrepreneurs have already received, throughout their lives, some diagnosis of depression and 50.7% said the same for anxiety.

Throughout his more than 15-year career, Fabiano has faced many challenges in his business that have also affected his mental health. And as he studied and discovered ways to face challenges, he began to document the methods that contributed to his business organization and, consequently, reflected positively on his mental health.

“A leader’s behavior influences the behavior of the company as a whole. An exhausted leader, without mental health, with behaviors that violate the company’s discourse that is declared in the organizational culture, will demotivate the team because it will no longer be inspirational, it will be fragile, incoherent”, explains Fabiano when saying that a leader has an important role in providing well-being to yourself and your employees.

Decentralize the business

According to Fabiano, one of the changes that will help managers not feel overwhelmed is to make their company self-managed. To achieve this, he advises that the manager decentralizes the business consciously and using effective methods, so that the process becomes safe.

“To decentralize efficiently, it is important for the entrepreneur to create processes, documents, these steps, the rules, so that the right people, whom he attracted to the business, continue the operation. With this strategy, he will direct his energy towards demands that will make his company grow, without being overloaded”, he says.

Attract people who identify with the company

Another tip from the consultant, which was also applied in his business, concerns structuring a company’s organizational culture. By identifying the rules and values ​​of a business and documenting them through a code of ethics, it will be possible to visualize the profile of employees who will suit the business. Furthermore, whoever identifies with the rules will naturally be attracted to that venture.

“It is important to know the employee to demand from him what he has the ability to deliver. Understanding that everyone is different and that this complementarity is rich. And have data to rationally assess everyone’s demands, avoiding overload. This way, the mental health of the team also becomes valued in the work environment,” she says.

Be open to ideas

Also according to Fabiano, in cases of crisis, a leader must be open to joining forces with the team, so that, together, a solution can be found. For the consultant, at this moment, the leader must be realistic but also stimulate the team through understanding and unity.

“It is also important that this manager avoids comparing the company’s backstage with the competing company’s stage as much as possible. Ideally, efforts with the company itself should be the focus”, he highlights.

Finally, Fabiano reinforces that, to perform the leadership role well and maintain well-being, the manager must invest in his own rest, vacation periods, his support network and physical and mental health care. . So that not only the company, but the entire environment in which it operates, provides well-being.

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