Salvador detects new variant of covid-19



Salvador detects new variant of covid-19

Another 16 cities in Bahia identified samples of the virus

Published on February 2, 2024 at 2:47 pm

Lacen-BA detects new variant of coronavirus in Salvador and 16 other cities in Bahia

Lacen-BA detects new variant of coronavirus in Salvador and 16 other cities in Bahia Credit: Leonardo Rattes / Saúde GovBA

In preview of the popular festivities, samples of the JN.1 and JN.1.1 sublineages of the Ômicron variant, of the virus that causes Covid-19, were detected in Bahia. This is what a report from the Bahia Central Public Health Laboratory (Lacen-BA) released this Friday (2) shows. The identification was in samples from Salvador and 16 other municipalities in Bahia collected between December 24, 2023 and January 11, 2024.

The State Health Department (Sesab) recommends that municipalities intensify vaccination against Covid-19. “It is important that everyone goes to vaccination centers to have an up-to-date vaccination schedule, especially at this time when there are parties with large crowds of people coming from different parts of the country and even foreigners”, highlights the Secretary of State for Health, Roberta Santana.

According to the head of the state department, Sesab, in partnership with the Municipal Health Department of Salvador, has been developing, since January 17th, a vaccination action in this pre-carnival period that seeks to intensify immunization with the bivalent vaccine. From the beginning of the action until this Thursday (01), 8,233 doses were administered.

The director of State Epidemiological Surveillance, Márcia São Pedro highlights that the vaccines currently available in the Unified Health System (SUS) are effective against variants circulating in the country. “Immunization reduces the possibility of having the disease and even in the case of infection, the chances of having serious symptoms and deaths are lower,” she says.

Currently, coverage of the Bivalent vaccine in Bahia is 15.05%. The vaccine is intended for people aged 60 or over and immunocompromised people over 12 years of age who received the last dose of the vaccine more than 6 months ago. During the pre-carnival action, the vaccine is being offered to everyone aged 12 and over.

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