With a lack of medicines in public pharmacies in PR, patients threaten to take legal action against the State


Patients from Paraná are facing difficulties finding some medicines in the state’s pharmacies. Banda B received several reports from people concerned about the lack of medicines.

Since December last year, Andréa Santana has been denied treatment by the government pharmacy for the medication Riluzole, which her mother, Alice, is undergoing ongoing treatment for motor neurone disease. According to her, there is no forecast for replenishment.

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“She was diagnosed with this disease two years ago. Since then, she has been taking this medicine that we got from the government pharmacy. Since December last year, my mother has been without this medication. The opinion at the pharmacy is that they have no forecast for this medicine to arrive again. My mother cannot stop taking Riluzole, at least so the disease does not progress so quickly. We are worried,” she said.

Rafael Angelo’s family has also been having difficulty searching for the same medication Riluzole, which his aunt uses continuously.

“Her condition is very delicate, we don’t know what to do. The medicine is in short supply and she has been taking this treatment for two years. We are considering taking action against the government”, revealed Rafael.

Other medicine

Suzane Breus’s son, 11 years old, is undergoing treatment with high-cost medication for Wilson’s disease, the cost is more than R$4000 per box and since May 2023 it has been out of stock in public pharmacies in Paraná.

“My son takes Penicillamine provided by the State pharmacy and since May 2023 we have no longer been able to get this medicine. He says it is missing and there is no date for it to be distributed again”, explained Suzane.

Andréa, Suzana and Rafael, in fact, were instructed to file an injunction in court to try to speed up the replacement of medications.


Banda B contacted the Paraná Health Department (Sesa) which informed that the acquisition and distribution of Riluzole to the States is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health (MS). Regularization is expected by the first half of February.

Regarding Penicillamine, Sesa states that there was a shortage on the market for a period of time, due to marketing problems. The forecast is that the supply will be regularized by the end of next week.

Read Sesa’s note in full:

“Sesa informs that the medicine Riluzole is part of the list of medicines in Group 1A of the Specialized Component of Pharmaceutical Assistance (CEAF), that is, the responsibility for acquisition and distribution to the States lies with the Ministry of Health (MS). The MS reported that there was a delay in the process of acquiring the medicine, causing occasional shortages in the states, with regularization expected by the first half of February.

The drug Penicillamine went through a period of shortages on the market, due to marketing problems. The forecast is that the supply will be regularized by the end of next week.”

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